This weekend Josh and I have made the trek to my beloved home town of Columbus, OH - or more affectionately called "C-bus" or "buckeye country".

My older sis is having her first baby shower and my friend Stephanie is getting married! The weekend has already been a flurry of activities and we've only been here 13 hours (with about 6.5 of those sleeping.) Right now it's 9:45 the scent of wassail is wafting through the house, the boys have already vacated the premise to go eat burgers, grunt and do other man things while about 40 women descent on the house and I'm seriously considering eating a (read: my second) chicken salad croissant before 10 am.

Later I get to be all dolled up and stand up next to one of my best friends from high school as she says "I do" to the man in her life and then we will boogie down till my 4-inch-heel-tortured-feet can't stand it any more. And it will be bliss. 

I'm hoping to get back into more of my consistent blogging routine next week and definitely post France pictures and let you all know about our lovely travels before the beautiful details drift out of my mind forever lost to the sands of time...ok...that was a bit dramatic...life's been busy. Give me a break.



  1. Have fun this weekend. Tell your family we say hi!

  2. So great having my girls home (minus sweet Bec). I have such joy when family is gathered.

    It was a blast to watch you and Josh dancing. Such fun.