I get mad at people for texting and driving because of a horribly graphic UK PSA video I saw about it, but when i'm driving alone, I do it all the time.

Josh and I easily can go through 36 eggs in one week.

I started listening to Christmas music November 8th.

I want to work from home someday to see if I have the motivation and the focus to not wander off and take a nap every 10 mins.

I kinda want to run a 1/2 marathon again, but i miserably failed at training for my 5K on Oct. 30 so i'm too scared to sign up. Walk/jogging 13.1 miles is a lot harder than walk/jogging 3.1

Sometimes I sit down to read my Bible at lunch and end up watching "Let's Make a Deal" instead.

I don't understand bloggers who are all gushy and lovey about their husbands all the time. It makes me feel like i'm a bad wife.Don't get me wrong, I love Josh, but i'm not the swoony type i guess.

I read all the Twilight books and loved every minute of them. 

If I ever got a cat I would name him Junior. (get it, Kat junior?!)

Most people get up for Black Friday shopping so they can get good deals on gifts for their loved ones. I end up buying stuff for myself every time.

I work in the ag industry and can barely tell the difference between a tractor and a combine.

One of my favorite meals in the whole world is Chicken Scampi from Olive Garden. Not so classy, but extra tasty!

I think red heads are the best looking people. It would be hard for you to find a red head (male or female) that I didn't think was attractive in some way.

I love cooking and baking, but I don't really know how to do either in a healthy way that is still produces something tasty.

Sometimes I miss just wearing my engagement ring and kinda think my wedding band (wrap) adds too much bling.

If I could do France over again, I wouldn't spend as much time shopping and I would spend more time doing cheesy touristy things and sight seeing.

I'm discovering that when you put yourself out there with friends and get burned it's really hard to put yourself out there again.

I still haven't put up my Christmas decorations and it makes me want to cry.

Others opinions mean way to much to me.

I keep forgetting that I turn 26 in 16 days. I still feel like i'm in college and 22.


  1. I still feel like a fresh-faced 21-yr-old a lot too. Hard for me to be looking at leaving the 20s in a couple years. But I guess it's all about how young you feel, right?

  2. I just came across your blog (yes, i should be getting ready for work - instead, I am reading new blogs, lol) and could totally relate to this post. Made me laugh :) A couple of things:

    1. On behalf of redheads everywhere - THANK YOU! We rely on love from people like you.

    2. Laughing so hard about your "reading the Bible vs. Let's Make a Deal" situation. :)

    Excited to be a new follower!!


    a toast.

  3. Chris - My mom still tells me she feels like she is in her 20's. Maybe we all freeze our spirits at this age and our bodies are the only things that keep aging. ;)

    Whitney - So glad you are following! I love your blog, as well. Hope you have a great Friday!

  4. Wait til you have kids. There are so many days that I think "who gave me all this responsibility?! I'm only like 16. Why am I in charge of so much!"

    I'm not a gushy wife either and to be super honest, I think some people (not all, but lots) who gush all the time are full of it! Get real people! Even the best husband gets on your nerves a bunch.

    Shamey, shamey for the texting while driving!