Willow vs. The Christmas Tree

We decorated the house this week.
Please ignore the mangled piglett toy laying lifeless at my feet and focus on the tree and all it's glittery beauty.

We found a sweet little douglas fir tree at Lowes, had the guy strap it on our roof and then went through the drive through at Chick-Fil-A to pick up some peppermint-chocolate shakes. (Josh had a bit of trouble swallowing the chunks in the shake and felt the need to chew every bit of peppermint that made it's way though his straw).

Willow was a bit scared of the tree at first and she went into a fit of barking and whining as though someone had kicked her when she discovered it strapped on top of our car. Once the initial shock wore off I think she began to remember her wayward ways of the Christmas of 2009 when she repeatedly attacked the tree and destroyed everything on the bottom 3rd of our tree by December 19. She determined that lights, tinsel, and all of our precious wooden and glass ornaments were demolished in her fluffy little fangs.

This year, I consciously placed mostly plastic/unbreakable ornaments near the bottom of the tree. A mere 2 mins after the tree was complete I spied on willow as she snuck up on a stuffed snowman hanging on the bottom of the tree. She sniffed it quizzically, became startled by something she saw/smelled and jumped backward for a half a second and then promptly recovered from the scare and ripped the little stuffed mann of snow off the tree and ran for the couch.
The victim.
"NAHHH!" I yelled, scaring her and my unsuspecting husband, Josh, half to death.

She dropped the snowman and sheepishly looked my way. "No, no, Willow. No!" I sternly said grabbing the snowman and placing him back on the tree in the exact same spot. Pointy carrot nose, striped scarf, and beady eyes taunting her, once again.

I know she will rip it off the tree many times before Dec. 25th comes around, but I figure it's good bait to keep her away from the light chords and tinsel. To a dog, tinsel always seems like a good idea to eat, but we all know how that story ends...and no body wants to spend their christmas holiday pulling something sparkly out of a dogs booty.

Regardless, we haven't had any incidents since the above mentions, so perhaps my little puppy has matured. Also, I think our house looks winter wonderland fabulous. Hopefully I didn't go overboard on the christmas garland.
That funky wavy thing on the wall is a reflection off my funky wavy mirrors on the wall to the left.

Our aweseome(ly hard) puzzle.

Are your trees up and decorated? Do you all do a real or a fake tree? Any animal/tree troubles elsewhere in the world?
Merry Christmas!


  1. Aww! Your house looks so festive! You have such great decorations. :)

  2. i LUV your chandelier! Soooo beautiful.

  3. Your house looks great and your decorations are beautiful! :) A peppermint-chocolate shakes sounds soooo yummy! This is our first year with Tatum, so I don't know what to expect for when we put up our Christmas tree. We'll see. LOL.

    <3 Ash

  4. Oh my goodness. Your dog is adorable. I make similar loud noises every time our two look like they are heading towards the tree. They haven't pulled anything down yet!

    And we got a Douglas Fir too... and from a grocery store. Last year it barely lost any needles, (and was so much cheaper than the tree farm!) I was impressed. Your house looks great!

  5. Love the story...decorations are beautiful. Got a real tree this year and loving the memories it brings from my childhood....smells yummy, too.

    Hope to see you Saturday. Merry Christmas.

  6. I've laughed each time I read the part where you scared Willow AND Josh when you yelled, "Nahhh!"

    Your tree is pretty. How's it faring now?

  7. Very pretty! I am totally copying the chandelier idea! That looks SO cool!!!!