• Sometimes I don't do the dinner dishes till the next day.
  • I'm secretly wishing Nashville was part of Snowpocalypse 2011. I never get snow days off work, but i think if something was being described with "pocalypse" in the nick name they might let me stay home. Right now it's warmish and raining.
  • I'm mad I had never heard of the band Over the Rhine till now, but i'm glad i've discovered how i'm going to spend the iTunes gift card I got for my birthday.
  • Sometimes I think i've done all i want to do before I have kids, then I think about how much fun it is to take naps and change my mind.
  • My dog has eaten some pretty nasty things including but not limited to - a quarter, dirty tissues, and the crotch of several pairs of underwear. 
  • I'm getting sick of facebook. 
  • I think have about $400 for my camera I said I was going to start saving for last summer, but i'm kind of regretting making my money jar impossible to get into unless it's completely destroyed because that $400 mark could be give or take $100.
  • There are still pine needles all over my house because i haven't swept the back porch since we carried our tree to the dumpster and we keep tracking them back in. 
  • Every now and then I find a REALLY long hair on my cheek. I have no idea how this happens considering i put on make-up every morning and look closely at my face, but the mystery hair just appears in all it.s 1 inch of glory about once a year. Oh, life's mysteries...
  • I wrote a song the other day and it consisted of 2 chords. A little sad, but at least it's a start on one of my new year's resolutions.
  • I bought a machine called the "one armed bandit" for work last week. Any guesses on what this machine does?
  • Working out in the morning is best for your body, but I've discovered working out at night is better than setting your alarm to work out in the morning and just hitting the snooze for an hour.
  • I'm pretty sure if I played the mandolin any song I write would instantly be cool. Learning to play the mandolin is going on my bucket list. 
  • Jesus is teaching me things right now but i'm having trouble with communicating what those things are. They are like seeds that were planted and have yet to break through the dirt for me to discover what kind of plant they are. 


  1. I too am getting sick of facebook. i've been slowly trimming off my friends list, in the hopes that i'll discover how little i need facebook in my life. someday, i tell myself, i'll simply get my social media fix off of blogs and twitter.
    I have one of those mysterious hairs on the back of my neck. I never knew its existence until i cut my hair short.
    then i wonder how many people see it before i do.
    and i can't believe i just talked about this online.

  2. what an awesome post, Katherine! I totally enjoyed that, and I love Over the Rhine, too...AND...There's nothing wrong with a song consisting of 2 chords. I am sure you could throw a minor in there and make it a good respectable three. :)

  3. "Sometimes I don't do the dinner dishes till the next day."

    This is my confession everyday. Haha!

    Over the Rine is awesome!

    Stay warm in this nasty weather!

  4. OKC received one foot of snow. Which is totally ridiculous for down here. They do not know what to do! Mike had a snow day yesterday and today.

    ... I haven't done the dishes for last night's meal... and I don't think I will until later tonight. Ah, well!

    Enjoy your non-pocalypse weather! :)

  5. I always stand amazed by how those hairs seem to appear without me noticing them until its SO obvious that you wonder why someone else didn't point it out. Mine is always in the middle of my chin.
    ..and I love over the Rhine too...especially, "I'm happy with myself" when someone is irritating me.