Me. The Romantic.

Guys get a lot of pressure to be prince charming and sweep us women off our feet. I'm 100% on board with being swept off my feet, however I never ever want Josh to feel pressure from me to bring home flowers, chocolates, diamond...er...target jewelry, etc. If he simply does these things because he is feeling pressure to be romantic it's not his true love coming through. And no one wants fake love. Trust me. (God sets the perfect example of this when He granted humans freewill, but that's another conversation for another day...)

When the hubster takes me out to a nice dinner or sends me to get a massage, or takes me on a fun weekend get away to the mountains, or takes me horseback riding on a beach...with the sunset...and champagne...and violinists....(not hinting at anything. ha. ) that it's because he WANTS to spoil me and treat me like a princess because of all the love overflowing in his heart. :)

So I have been feeling like Josh does feel pressure every time a holiday rolls around, so this Valentines day, I wanted to do something romantic for him. So I made him breakfast in bed. (eggs in a frame + water + coffee + strawberry muffins)

and i decorated our kitchen. with hearts. cut out of old christmas giftbags. (frugal and pretty!)

and I gave him 2 handmade valentines cards with some love quotes on them.

I guess you could say my valentine's day was full of making and love...or you could say....love making, but then you might get weirded out...and stop reading my blog...sooooo....anyway.

even with all my making and love I could not top by my lovely husband's romantic heart.

He bought me 2...(TWO!) dozen beautiful red roses.

a fabulous dinner out to Pie in the Sky restaurant to their free heart shaped pizza roll appetizer on v-day.

some amazing truffles

some delicious wine.

peppermint Teavanna tea

Mulan Rouge/Tristan and Isolde DVD from Target.

Valentine's Night we stayed up way to late watching movies in our traditional lovenest on valentines day. What is a love nest you say? I will tell you.

nest: (noun) a snug retreat or refuge; resting place; home
love: (noun) a profoundly passionate tender affection for another person; desire
lovenest: (noun) a giant pile of every pillow and blanket we own in the middle of our living room floor that is so comfortable you end up sleeping in it and leaving it up for days because you prefer it to your couches. only the threat of guest coming to visit forces you to put the blankets away; Also a snug retreat or refuge where you cuddle with the person you are profoundly passionate about.

I forgot to take a picture of it before we cleaned it up. i'm sad. :(

Hope you all had a great Valentine's week with tons of love and un-forced romantic stuff.


  1. You are so sweet and creative! Very cute. Love the first picture with your pup, adorable.

    And I am a big fan of making floor pallets... that's what we have always called them (since little kid time) but I like the name lovenest too.

  2. Wow. Nice Valentine's Day/Week you all had. Way to go. Keep on lovin' each other more every year.

  3. Okay. Apparently Emily was signed in here. sigh. That comment was from me. (obviously)

  4. Looks like a sweet v-day.
    I'm so loving looking at your posts about France.
    We are looking to go Rome and Paris soon.
    Thanks for stopping by my page.

  5. Love your lovenest definition! That sounds AMAZING. My hubby and I need to make one of those ;)