Day Dreaming and Penny Pinching

Today, i've been daydreaming about the camera i'm saving up for. I mentioned i was saving for said camera back in June of 2010 and that week I made an awesome piggy bank that is virtually indestructible. Basically, it's a giant plastic almond container from Costco and I cut a hole in the lid. Duct taped the entire thing shut. Then wrapped it in pretty wrapping paper.


This thing is great, because I can't cheat and take money from my camera savings to buy new shoes. to get into the container would mean I would have to take the entire thing apart which i'm sure will be semi-difficult considering it's that freakish plastic that is next to impossible to cut through. (as a child it seemed that EVERYTHING at christmas was packaged in this stuff!)

this set up is good for me because i have a habit of randomly blowing money on things I don't really need, like another pair of $6 leggings from target, some more black shirts, etc.

Anyway, I've decided I want a Canon 50D, plus a lens or two, a cool camera bag(maybe this one - or this one), a tri-pod, some UV filters, and a clip on flash.

Since i spent some time daydreaming about my camera today i decided it would be a good time to decorate my savings-almond-container to inspire me to continue to put my clothing fund in there every other week rather than blow it all at Target.

I sketched a camera!

Then, to spice it up, I added some stars!

and then willow wanted to jump on my lap. so we took some pictures too.

The only draw back to my almond-savings-container is I have no idea how much i have in there. In order to find out, i will need to rip the thing to shreds. Basically, i would rather wait too long and have too much then then get in there too soon not have enough and then not have a safe continer for my money thus tempting me to go thrifting with my hard-earned camera money.  I should have been keeping track how much i put in there on the side of the container or something, but alas, i was not smart enough to think of such a thing last June. I think I have about $750 in there...who knows. I think come April 1, i'm going to bust in there and see what kind of damage i can do.

Any of you out there have SLR cameras? Which do you use? Any advice for a camera novice?


  1. I have a Canon Rebel, so, not as fancy (so jealous!). I've heard the place to invest is in the lenses you want.

    I have a 50-200mm which is a nice telephoto lens for taking portraits. The kit lens you'll get (18-55mm probably) with your camera is better for wider landscape shots but not that great at macro photography. I just got a 70-300mm macro lens, which seems to me an odd combination -- it's telephoto (so you shoot from a long way away) but can take extreme close-ups. I'm guessing it's best for wildlife photos?
    ANYWAY. You'll have so much fun, no matter what. The possibilities are endless and all mind-blowing.

  2. I'm excited for you! I have a "saving up for" list on my refrigerator to remind me that all those little nothing purchases add up, so I should just leave it in the store and some day I can scratch one of the big items off the list...like a wide angle lens or a couch. =P

  3. Awesome! I love the camera and stars. I actually got my SLR from Costco its a Nikon and came with two lenses and a bag. Pretty awesome price.

  4. What a great idea, seriously!! I really want to start doing that with my hubby for "getaways." That way, when we have time for a trip we don't feel so bad about spending money from our bank account.

  5. oh goodness I want your puppy. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, commenting, and following!! so sweet of u! xx

  6. Can't wait 'til you have an awesome camera. The more cool pictures in the fam the better.

    Love the fun pics of you and Willow.

  7. That is a great idea...I need to replace my current camera, soon!

    I love my SLR's. I've always used Cannon...they are user friendly, and I've always had good luck with 'em. :)

  8. I'm excited for you! I'm a Nikon girl, but I've heard great things about the Canon Rebel. If you can swing a 50mm lens (they're a bit pricey), you should definitely get one. Also, Jo Totes make GREAT camera bags! I love mine! Happy saving... ;)