A Voyage

For weeks I had been letting God be the captain of my imagination. I was a close first mate and apprentice as he showed me how to dream again. I’m still learning what it looks like, but I know that every bit of it is bigger than I could have first devised. Creativity felt like it was oozing out of me in every quiet moment. I would cherish these times and at first I would ponder ways to capture the creativity and put it to good use. Eventually, that effort became futile because it was more fun to soak in the moment of inspiration and let it flow through me into words or ideas on a piece of paper than it was to try and tame something out of raw unbridled vision.

Something as simple as walking my dog out late at night and through the hazy city night sky allowing the lights above to capture my eye. Causing an ache for the moon to speak to me! Tell me stories of the things she has seen! Even better, put it into a song, Moon! Oh, bright and beautiful Moon!

From this creative awakening I wound up with a handful of small plans. Seedlings, if you will. These plans did not come about by force, but they came purely from dreaming. Plans that have so smoothly and naturally fallen into place that no one BUT the creator of the world himself could be the author of (more on that later) They are tiny seeds for now, but I know God has Oak or Redwood paths for them to grow into.

Voyage Creatives is the name.  A personal business comprised of:
  • Vintage Resale on Etsy – Voyage Vintage
  • Semi Pro Photography – Voyage Photos
  • Graphic Design – Voyage Studios
  • And of course, music and worship…

We will see what sticks. What adventure God breathes upon and which one makes my heart sing. Praise Him.

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  1. Katherine, I am sorry to hear about any struggle you guys have been having with starting a family, but so glad to hear you as positive and open about it as you are. Best of luck with this new chapter that you are starting, its a great feeling to know God is guiding you through it. I read somewhere recently, and it was a great reminder — that out of struggles, low points, and falls comes deep spiritual growth. Makes all of it worth it I suppose!