Mornings. Josh rises early around 6:30 or 7 and takes Felix for a diaper change then snuggles him back in bed with me. his head by my breast and steely blue eyes peering up at my face. Little fingers clawing at my nose, lips and cheeks. baby feet kicking my tummy while I forcibly keep my eyes closed and lie to myself about getting another 10 minutes of sleep.

The smell of coffee wafts into the bedroom and the squirming little boy and quickly rising sun forces me me to succumb to the day. Felix is all smiles and I begin our waking up routine. Singing "Rise and Shine" and "Good Morning, Good Morning" while he shrieks and kicks with joy. I roll out of my bed. picking up my son and balancing him on my hip while he snuggles his face into my shoulder. I trod down to the kitchen and scrounge around to see what food there is for breakfast.

A couple of quick fried eggs, whole wheat toast with butter and a cup of joe with sugar and cream go down easy while Felix bounces in his exersaucer or relaxes in his bouncy chair. Josh works on side projects or begins some work from home. Felix laughs and talks to his toys while we chat and say goodbye before Josh heads off to work.

By 9:00 little boy is yawning and rubbing his eyes and it's time for his morning nap. Recent days mean the nap is just 30 minutes, so I either load the dishwasher, shower or catch up on a couple of emails or blogs. He wakes by 10:30 and I change him into his outfit for the day nurse him and we head into the rest of the day in smiles.

The mornings have a sweet rhythm. A family cohesiveness and predictable pattern of serving one another. Refilling each other's coffee. Sleepy hugs and good morning kisses. Taking turns holding the baby and moving slowly in a dance around the kitchen. The opening verse to our daily song. A soft cadence of unity and warmth.

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  1. Gorgeous.
    I love mornings at our house too--even though I'm not a morning person. They are lazy but crazy. (And we sing Good Morning, Good Morning too! :))