We Went to Michigan!

So it turns out the state north of Ohio isn't as bad as I thought. Holland had some really beautiful beaches and a super cute downtown area that rivals Franklin, TN (our hometown). Unfortunately it rained quite a bit while we were there, but we made the most of it!

We drank a lot of yummy coffee. We shopped. We played Aquire. We discovered a couple of cute bakeries and restaurants around town. Josh and I took our 2nd date post-baby. We even got to spend a bit of time on sunny days at the beach. Felix LOVED the sound of the waves and putting his toes in the sand. He kept looking at me like "Have you done this before?!"

We enjoyed stein night at New Holland brewery. We Flew a kite. We climed dunes. And in Michael family fashion, we took way too many pictures in every combination of people possible.

While we were there we bought an Ergo baby carrier. So far it has totally been worth the $100! I've used it at the grocery, walking at the beach. Shopping around downtown Holland and even while making some guacamole! I feel like he is so much more comfortable in the Ergo than he ever was in the Moby. Not to mention it's MUCH simpler to put on and I haven't had any back pain from it (which I did with the Moby when I first used it because I didn't have it on right.)

We took the trip up in 2 days with an overnight stop in Indy to see Natalie and Ryan and make the drive a bit easier on Felix. He slept horribly so we ended up leaving their house at 4:45 am and driving up to Michigan early Sunday morning. On the way back, either a miracle happened or we have an amazing kid, but he didn't cry at all and we pushed through the whole 9.5 hour trip with just 2 stops!

We came home to chaos in our house as they are still doing repairs from the fire/smoke damage, but at least we had a full day to ourselves to unwind before jumping into a busy week with contractors, painters and cleaners in and out all week.

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