Five Things on Friday

Some recent happenings around the Michael household for your reading enjoyment.

1. Josh and I are gearing up for Michael Family vacation 2013. Headed to Holland, Michigan (insert obligatory "boo Wolverines" comment from a buckeye girl.) This year is sure to be full of craziness and fun as we cram 5 kids and 8 adults into the same cottage.  Not looking forward to the drive (10 hours that we are breaking into 2 days with a stop in Indy at the Fancher's house!) but looking forward to getting out of TN and our stinky condo!

2. Speaking of stinky condos...our neighbor's house caught on fire this past Tuesday night and portions of our house were filled with smoke because we share a wall with them. I'm SO thankful that we all got out of the house safely and I'm thankful that the damage was mostly smoke and water (from putting out the fire) and not worse. However, our house now smells like a smoker has lived in it for 20 years and our closest and all of our clothes reek from the water and smoke sitting for a few days. Even with industrial fans blowing being in the house with the stench the last few days has made me nauseous and I'm sure Felix is feeling the same way. Needless to say, we spend most of our awake hours in his nursery (the room with the least damage) and on the back patio getting fresh air. Next week while we are gone the cleaners will come and do all the repairs and cleaning hopefully getting most of the smell out before we return. (yay!!)

3. Before we hit the road tomorrow morning we have our Bradley class reunion! When I was pregnant in my 3rd trimester we took a Bradley method birthing class with 7 other couples who were due around the same time as us. We all ended up having our babies within 4 weeks of one another and started a Facebook group for support heading into new mommyhood. It's been amazing. I can't believe all our babies are 4 months old and we still haven't gotten together! Only 4 couples can make the reunion, but it will be great to meet the new additions to everyone's family! I'm bringing a version of these to the reunion!

4. I'm pleased to announce Felix now takes a bottle. It took quite a bit of work and persistency to make it happen, but after Josh and I went out to a movie last Sunday for our first date post-baby and Felix wouldn't take a drop from the bottle from my sister we realized we needed a solution. So this week I set my nose to the grindstone and made it happen. He didn't like it at first, but lots of praise and repetition trying the bottle eventually worked! I know it seems weird, but now I feel a bit more free. As long as there is a supply of expressed breast milk I can be out and about for a whole day or maybe even a night! :)

5. Summer is taking it's time to get here. It's nearly June and we normally have weather in the 90s by now and my toes are longing to dip in a pool! But, it's been a beautiful 70-75 every day this week. (which has been awesome for the airing out of our house!) Hoping it's warm enough to jump in the pool with my lil dude when we get back from Michigan!

BONUS ITEM - It's not technically an update from our house, but my parents officially moved out of my childhood home in Columbus, OH and moved on to Baltimore, MD! Josh, Felix and I have a visit planned at the end of June to see their new place and check out my Dad's new job.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Cannot wait to see you all again. I'm glad Felix will take a bottle for when I get to watch him. :)

    So glad you are safe. Hope the condo clean up turns into a big blessing.