My First Mom's Day

This year was my first official mother's day. I say official because I was sort of celebrating mother's day last year. We found out we were pregnant the Thursday before Mother's day and told both of our moms on Mother's day as part of their gift. It was a really special time. I will forever remember 5/10/12 being the morning that I peed on a stick and the lines finally showed the plus sign and that Sunday Josh bought me a sweet card and brought home some chocolate covered strawberries.

However, this past mother's day was especially great because I got to hold my little bud bud in my arms  and know his name and see his precious face and drooly smiles all day PLUS my mom was in town for the holiday as well, which just made it even sweeter.

Josh did a great making the day special for me. A MASSIVE (and I mean massive) breakfast feast was prepared and brought to me in bed. Where he let me sleep baby-free for 2 hours in the morning! (!!) A cute musical card that sang "Anything you want, you got it" with the ever-awesome cash gift  inside (which has already burned a hole in my pocket at target and Old Navy). I led worship at church, which ended up being a really nice time with the Lord singing songs to him about how thankful I am for being true to his promises.

They gave away some mother's day presents at church on Sunday, too and it totally ended up looking sketchy because Josh was giving the presents away and I won something (a $25 Macy's card) and so did my sister Rebecca (A Keurig which she gave to my mom!) Some jokingly said "it was rigged" but honestly, I really do think the Favor of God was resting on my family that day! 3 generations all in one place. Happy and God was happy about it and wanted to just pour even more on us. I'm not complaining at all!

We had another massive feast for lunch all made by the gentlemen - steaks, sweet potatoes, corn on the cob, salad, brussel sprouts and carrot cake. And then the afternoon Josh and I spent relaxing at the house while Josh mostly took care of Felix and let me work on whatever I wanted! I made a fun mother's day card for my mom (See above) that was just mailed today (Whoops!) and then in the evening we got some deli sandwiches from Whole Foods and walked around Target killing time.

I'm so thankful for such a supportive, understanding, kind, and wonderful husband who made my first official day as a mom super special. Sometimes I feel like I don't deserve such an amazing man and then add my cute baby on top of that and my heart wants to explode with thanksgiving.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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