A Typical Day

I can't believe how much Felix is growing. He is 11 months old now and just as cute as can be. Honestly, I'm convinced he gets cuter every day and this mommy thing is like a good wine or cheese - time makes it even better. A typical day looks like this...

Most days Felix wakes up happy as a clam. Chatting up a storm, pinching my nose, rolling around in bed between Josh and I, grabbing willow and laughing when she licks his face. About 10 minutes of pretending I'm still asleep, Josh either wakes up with Felix (Since I'm still up with him a couple times at night this is Josh's present to me) OR I will give Felix my phone to play some peekaboo barn in bed while I slowly wake to the day ahead of me. I love this morning time as a family all snuggled in bed together. It's one of my favorite times of day.
Felix at the grocery and felix eating lunch.
After we wake up, Josh will change Felix's diaper while I put myself together a little bit to get the day going. We all eat eggs & toast and Felix drinks water from a sippy cup while the adults suck down the coffee. Monday, Wednesday, Friday Felix and I go to the Chiropractor for regular adjustments. Felix used to HATE being adjusted, but now he does amazingly. He plays all around the office while I do my warm up exercises and jabbers up a storm. I'm pretty sure all the other patients get a kick out of him.

After that we either head out for errands or head to the gym. Another place where Felix is thriving. He used to be so sad at the YMCA childcare and I would stress the entire time during my 30 mins on the elliptical, but now he loves it and nearly every time the workers say what a cutie pie he is so I feel like I can spend a bit more time working out.

After our morning outing we head home for a 1-2 hour nap. I will get some work done around the house or on the computer and Josh often comes home for lunch during this time. When Felix wakes, he gets lunch and then we play around the house. I like to mix up rooms to keep things spicy, but often times we are in the living room. I'll sit on the floor while Felix brings me books and then plops down in my lap. Or I will pull out the guitar and we will sing and dance for a bit. Sometimes he takes every toy out of his chest and we look at it and then we clean it all up and start all over again.
Felix reading and felix playing.

Around 3:30 or 4 if I haven't already run to the grocery for dinner items Felix and I will pop over to Publix. No matter where we go, Felix makes friends. He flirts with all the ladies and smiles big grins at anyone who makes eye contact with him. After the grocery, we head home and I'll distract felix with snacks or  if he is tired I will wear him in the Ergo on my back and he will take a 15-20 min snooze while I start dinner.

If it happens to be a night we are eating out we skip the whole grocery trip and I'll fill some of our afternoon time with a park, library, mall, or target trip. We like to get out of the house, if you hadn't noticed.

Then when josh gets home around 6, we eat dinner, have family play time, Felix takes a bath and then heads to bed at 7:30/8. He has been sleeping decently and most nights I get 4-6 hours before his first waking. I should be heading to bed around 9:30, but honestly I'm a night owl and can't bring myself to do it! Even though I know how tired I will be the next day, I spend the evenings getting things done on my laptop (which is HARD to do during the day with sticky fingers constantly trying to grab the keys or pull on the screen - am I right fellow mamas?), hanging out with josh, watching a few shows, or reading. Midnight is my normal bedtime with a Felix waking at 2:30 and 5:30 (when I pull him into bed with me).

p.s. I realize all these photos are of Felix, but most of my day is spent starring at that beautiful child, I can't help but over share photos of him. He is beautiful, amazing, smart, fun, and so so sweet. Therefore, pictures...

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