At Present

  1. Josh and I started a new diet last week! It's a 30 day challenge we are doing through our chiropractor which includes a fat-burning diet and exercise program. Essentially it cuts out all carbs and focuses on organic meats/cheese/dairy, loads of veggies, and healthy fats, nuts and low sugar fruit and we do 20 minute burst exersise every day (except Thursday's when I do a Yoga class at the YMCA). It's been a BIG change for us because we are used to chowing down whole plates of pasta for dinner and cereal or bagels for breakfast. But 10 days in and Josh is down 15 lbs and I'm down 10lbs and our energy & happiness levels are through the roof. After the 30 days are up you start to introduce healthy carbs like whole grains, brown rice, quinoa, etc. But the idea is to make a life change from the SAD (Standard American Diet) path that we were on and keep us healthy for the long run. Here is what a few of our meals look like.

  2. Felix is sleeping better! This is HUGE news around here. YAY! I'm still going in once a night around 3:30/4 to nurse him, but that is a massive improvement from where we were 3 months ago - up ever 1.5-2 hrs. Here's my little love sleeping off the stomach bug in my arms the day after Valentines day. 
  3. 3. Josh and I have decided to set aside one night a week where TV isn't turned on and we focus solely on pursuing creative endeavors. Writing, design, playing guitar, editing photos, website tweaks for Voyage Creatives, Etsy store, etc, etc. Tonight is that night.  So you all get to be blessed with a random, disjointed blog post from me to keep my writing chops from getting too rusty. Last week I worked on some designs. I've been having fun with Save the Date designs lately.
  4. 4. My Sister-in-Law, Joanna, and her sweet 1 year old Finely are back in the U.S. for a month! She is Normally in Cameroon, but is back for some Doctor's visits and is staying with her parents here in Nashville so I get to see her all the time! Yay! Tomorrow we are headed to the zoo. Should be a nice outside so the Vitamin D will be much welcome.
  5. 5. Josh's Beard is now huge and it's a daily topic of discussion. Should he shave. Who commented on it at work. How it's sorta getting wavy. How the mustache gets too long and makes it annoying to smooch around. How he touches it way...waaaaaaay too often. How the beard is an instant conversation starter.  About how his beard needs to make it on the blog. 


  1. Ha! Great fun blog. Love your random daily life.

  2. Ah! I'm so happy your dietary changes are working so well for you guys!! We're not doing so well over here :( But hopeful and ready to get back on the bandwagon. I'm actually learning that emotions and stress are playing a big part in my eating habits. Also, I love the idea of focusing on creative endeavors once a week! I feel with all of Jeremy's side projects we both just work after she's in bed. I'm SO happy for Felix's sleep changes! That must be such a relief! PS- Josh's beard rules! He's like a giant, irish garden gnome! I say just clean it up but keep it! lol. see you and your lovely family soon! PSS- I'm available for playdates anytime throughout the week! I know you guys are busy and traveling so I totally understand but putting it out there XO