The house is still. Felix is down for the night, Willow is snuggled up next to me and Josh is spending some time out with friends.

Life has been exquisite. There is a predictable rise and fall of our mornings, afternoons and evenings. Our little family of three gracefully dancing together with comfort and familiarity. Serving one another. Loving one another. Even studying one another and learning how each one of us tick. What our individual, likes, desires and passions are. Watching and learning to see how the calling that God placed on each of us emerges in our daily choices, emotions and fascinations.

Josh, for instance, really loves it when I give him my full attention during conversations. No phones, no dishes, no folding laundry. I'm working on that, and can already see a difference in our relationship. Felix really loves to be held and involved in our work in the kitchen. Whenever possible I pull up a chair and let him hold a few plastic cups under the running water while I do the dishes, or that 22 lb boy is balanced on my hip trying to see what i'm pulling out of the fridge or what the cream looks like going into the coffee.

I've even been learning about myself. I feel my best when I get a shower, some alone time to create AND some time with friends. So going out of my way to meet up for coffee, working out, strumming my guitar, or play dates are vital water to my soul. I also really love the moments when all three of us are together. In the morning laying side by side with Felix leaning back on his Daddy resting for a few minutes before we rise into the bustle of a new day. In the evenings when we eat a meal together and then play on the living room floor before bath and nighttime prayers. And even sometimes a special afternoon get together, like we had today. 

We took advantage of the warmer temperature and had a snack at a park near Josh's work. Felix was so happy. He laughed and screamed as he explored the outdoors with fresh eyes after weeks cooped up inside. No one else was at the park, so we let him wander pretty far from us, but still within eye sight. Every now and then he would stop and pick a little stick up off the ground, or smack the side of the slide just to see what would happen. A child's discovery of life is a wonder to behold.

And then Josh called for him and our little man shrieked happily and ran to us in these tiny baby steps that almost made it seem like he was running in place. Laughing and squealing the whole way back to our bench swing. I honestly couldn't help but tear up a little at the beauty that is our little family.

Anyway, I know that's sappy, but life has been good and purposefully taking time to learn about each other has been fruitful. I have found that unless I willfully pour into Josh and Felix then those relationships end up just floating by aimlessly. I will go through the motions and not truly find the joy in the special bond I have with each of them. And these are THE most important relationships I have.

I guess the moral of the story is rhythm is good. Predictability is good. There is an intimacy that comes with the simple steady flow of the everyday. But, the comforting cadence of daily life shines best when paired with a melody of intentionality.

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  1. This is so wonderfully written! I stumbled upon your blog on pinterest and I think it is absolutely awesome! Thank you, keep writing :)