I don't know why, but getting my hair done is important to me. I wish it wasn't so important because important unfortunately becomes expensive. Luckily I found a place here in Nashville that has a 50% off on Wednesday's deal.

I got into the coloring trap about 4 years ago and once you dye your hair you have to keep doing it otherwise your hair looks kinda weird. So I always cut and color at the same time about twice a year. Today was the day for the big C&C (cut and color). I decided that since I gave up tanning (due to lack of money, lack of time, and cancer threats) that my skin tones don't work so well with the light blond color of my hair. This time I was going to try to go back to my natural color but add a little bit of red to the mix for fun. No highlights, just all around color.

I was going to a new salon, which is always a little scary because you don't know what the stylist will do to your hair. Dale was my stylist. He ended up being AWESOME. Two thumbs up for Dale. He didn't just start wacking off chunks of hair, he really listened to what I asked for and actually studied the pictures of the cuts that I requested while the color was drying on my hair. I was shocked.

Well anyway, all that to say that my hair ended up being great. The color is CRAZY different than I am used to, but I expected that. I got a good discount and found someone that I will go back to in the future.

However, I do feel funny about the whole thing. I just hate that it is sooo expensive. I hate spending that much money (even at 50% off) and I hate that I care so much. I wish I could just cut and color my own hair. I guess I can justify it because I "wear" my hair everyday for 6 months so spread out over that many days it ends up only being about $.50 a day. Maybe someday I will be able to go all natural in color and only pay for a cut. Unfortunatly, I think that day is about 20-30 years away... We will see.

I will post some new hair pictures sometime soon.


  1. In the tiny cell phone picture your hair looks fantastic. I want a nice big facebook picture - or a picture posted here - or better yet - come home early!! Agh! So excited to see you.