I didn't buy any of josh's birthday presents till about 5:30 pm the night of his birthday.

I love coloring in coloring books. especially disney princess books. childish? maybe. Therapeutic? Yes.

I just found what I think was a tick on willow...we went camping 2 weeks ago and I'm pretty sure she has had it since then.

I haven't cooked a supper at home for about 2 weeks. Josh and I keep making up excuses to eat dinner out.

i've been wearing Josh's PJs to bed because willow at the "middle" area out of my only two pairs.

i'm slightly addicted to the Nintendo 64 Golden Eye game right now and sometimes play it during my lunch break. (that's loser with a capital L, folks).

i have the worst PMS mood swings you could ever imagine and i'm very thankful for a patient and understanding husband when 2 nights in a row i cry, nay, sob over seemingly meaningless things.

i'm jealous of pastors and missionaries. Serving the Lord and being paid, regardless of how hard/busy/stressful it is sounds amazing to me.

Our Altima has this horrible "buzzing" sound coming from it that makes it sound like a giant bumblebee driving around franklin.

9 times out of 10 i miss calls because my phone is lost in the abyss of my purse.

Our condo faces a main road and we hardly ever close our blinds. I'm OK with people spying.


  1. I am cooking dinner tonight for the first time in a loooong time. Hahaha! Sometimes I just hate cooking and other times I love it. Hmm..
    Also, my husband is a pastor and we talk about how blessed we are all the time! We always say "even though it is sooo tiring, it's the best thing ever!"

  2. I like your confessions. I like you.

  3. Confessions are great... where else would I learn that you like to color in Disney princess books?! Which is not childish, it is awesome. Because, ME TOO. It's things like this that people can confess that make me like them so much!

    PS. You need new jammies!

  4. Good confessions! And I like the new layout of the blog! Very nice! Hope all is well with you, friend!