We're Breakfast People

Eggs and toast.
French toast.

Ok ok, so we don't eat Grits, but all those other things we eat quite often. I can't remember a day in the last year - seriously) that i missed breakfast. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. I LOVE breakfast!
Josh enjoying a beautiful breakfast spread on our honeymoon in Mexico, July 2007.

Josh and I love breakfast so much that we find ourselves having this conversation at least once a week...

Me: Hey babe, what do you want to do for dinner?
Josh: I dunno. Do we have anything to eat at home?
Me: Not really...we should probably save money and scrounge something up at home rather than eat out...
Josh: Yeah, you are right. Hey! What about B for D?

In case you were wondering B for D = Breakfast for Dinner? It seems that no matter how low the supplies in our cabinets get or how uninspired I am for dinner, B for D always pulls through.

I have so many memories growing up that revolve around breakfast. Saturday morning cartoons and papa's pancakes. Eggs in a Frame on the first day of school each year. Delicious sticky buns on Christmas morning. Meeting extended family half-way at the Amish-Breakfast buffet Der-Dutchman. Heck, my first job was at a little breakfast joint called Bob Evans
Eating breakfast out at the Pfunky Griddle

There is nothing better than eating breakfast out. When you eat a leisurely breakfast out with friends and family it sets the tone for the entire day. Laid back. No agenda. Plenty of time for sipping coffee and chatting away the morning hours. Some of my favorite breakfast-out places include First Watch (fresh fruit crepes!), Merridees in downtown Franklin, J. Christophers, and of course, the Bob.  
A culinary "break-feast" at our house when family was in town visiting. 

A typical weekday breakfast in the Michael house-hold consists of scrambled eggs (half regular eggs half egg whites) with a bit of cheese added to them and a side of health-nut bread turned into toast and topped with some smart balance.  Washed down with some orange juice or fat-free milk. yum yum! However, this morning the hubs made me oatmeal topped with a bit of brown sugar and slices of strawberries. 

Are you a breakfast person? What's your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?


  1. My dad loves luvs LUVVS Bob Evans. My word, his favorite place in the world, with Cracker Barrel a close second.
    Me? I, uh, like sleeping in too much. I would rather jet out the door with my hair on fire than lose 15 minutes to eating a decent brekkie. And on the weekends, I'm really sleeping in, which also means no brekkie.

  2. i love b-fast too. and brinner. and home made bagels. (i'll send you that recipe too)

  3. we had b for d tonight! your blog is really fun :)

  4. Emily loves grits, and eats them often.

    My favorite (don't eat it often, or at home) is whole wheat pecan pancakes. :o) The Pancake Pantry there in Nashville does them up right.

    There was a little greasy spoon diner in Oklahoma City called "Jimmy's Egg" and it had THE BEST omelettes. Papa and I have good memories of that place.

  5. I love breakfast! Even better when it isn't during breakfast hours.

    Have you tried Quaker instant grits? I've grown up eating them. I didn't realize until later in life that everyone else thinks grits are kind of weird. But they're good! We put cheese and scrambled egg in ours, sometimes bacon bits.

    Now I'm starving...

  6. I hardly ever eat breakfast for breakfast. We love it for dinner though! Looks like you guys had quite a spread!

  7. hey girl! thank you so much for your encouraging comment on my blog. i truly appreciate it. and yeah, it's crazy what prayer does. i believe all those ridiculous stories i hear. amazing.

    also your pancakes just made me SO HUNGRY. breakfast is my favorittteee.

  8. I'm also a breakfast person. French toast is my favorite!

  9. I love breakfast too!! But chocolate chip pancakes take the cake :) SO delish!! xo

  10. People after my own heart,my hubs and I just had B for D last night! We did French toast, eggs, sausage links and OJ. But I'll eat pretty much any kind of breakfast food. Yum!