The Littlest Ewing

Emily, the littlest of the 4 Ewing sisters, is outstanding.

She's gorgeous, talented, smart, passionate, funny, fun, witty, and has a fierce heart for the Lord.

Emily is 8 years younger than me and was a tiny 10 year old when I moved away from home and headed to college. It's hard for me to picture her as an adult/grown-up person because I constantly remember her like she was the first day of kindergarten.

But alas, she is all grown up and in her final semester at the good old WKHS embarking on a Senior Project journey.   From what I can remember the Senior project is something a student can decide to do in their final few months of high school rather than attend usual classes every day. During the time normally spent in class the student will put together a large project that will then be graded by a panel of teachers at the end of the year. Usually the project has something to do with the career you want to head into after college.

My older sister, Cynthia, chose to go to Honduras to observe and assist in medical missions.

Rebecca, my other little sister and fellow middle child, put together a fundraiser for Invisible Children and raised gobs of money (over $6,000!) to support the cause.

Emily is wearing the same dress every day till graduation to raise awareness for sex trafficking in America. (Follow her journey documented on her blog)

And I...well...I...um...sang or something? How freaking unheroic is that?! The rest of my family is changing the world and I rounded out my Senior year by singing classic Italian love songs and show tunes. Epic FAIL!

Anyway! stop by Emily's blog and read a bit. She's a great writer. It will be worth it. Trust me.


  1. Unheroic?! Never. I remember hearing you sing in Women's Choir at AU. Your voice is angelic, and I'm sure you brightened a lot of people's lives.
    Emily rocks, btw. I told her so on her blog.

  2. whatever. i love and seriously miss your beautiful voice. MAKE A CD!!!!

  3. She's beautiful. And that is definitely a worthwhile senior project... but I would bet so was yours! I agree with the comments above, you have a beautiful voice. And show tunes make my life better. :)

  4. I love the Ewing sisters, each of them are so unique and gifted.

  5. 'Twas definitely not an epic fail. Your senior recital was such a high point for me that year. And remember you sang backup vocals on Bob Lyons' CD.

    However, this totally reminds me of the New Year's Eve when we were all sitting around I said I was finally going to lose weight in the following year. I ask Becca, Emily and Papa what their resolutions were. Becca wanted to get closer to Jesus. Emily wanted to learn to have more focused quiet times with the Lord. And Papa wanted to learn to worship God intensely. I felt pretty silly.

  6. What an amazing family you are a part of! Your parents must be very proud ;)

  7. so cute!
    And I love all of your pictures, super pretty!


  8. Jealous that you have sisters! ahh, always wanted a sister.

    Lovely blog, photos and stories. Love it!


  9. Wow. That is so cool. All of you guys are doing something to change the world. Amazing. You sing? Me too! I love music...I'm sort of a music nerd...ok a lot of one.

    Seriously LOVE your blog. Great.