True Story: Awkward Conversations

The Character
26 year old business woman wearing a snazy dress and 5-inch-heals and feeling pretty awesome about herself.

The Scene
Woman is driving a Nissan Altima to a printing vendor to drop off blank envelopes for the vendor to print return addresses on for the high profile agriculture-tech company. Mumford and Sons' "Sigh No More" album is blaring from her speakers.

The Action
Altima screeches to a halt in front of print vendor shop. 26 year old woman decides to leave car running while she drops envelopes inside. 

Just jumps as quickly as she can from the car to access the giant box of envelopes from the back seat. In the mean time the guy from the print shop comes out to assist woman on wobbly heals.

26 Year Old Woman: (shouting over the Mumford CD) Hey, how's it going?
Print shop guy: (also shouting) Pretty Good. How are you?
26 Year Old Woman: (still shouting) Great. How are you?
Print shop guy: (not shouting as loudly and feeling kinda awkward) Doing well...

Woman pretends like she didn't just asked the guy the same question twice. Hands him the box and speeds away almost hitting an innocent bystander feeling much less awesome about herself.


  1. haha i literally laughed out loud! love it

  2. "You, too!.... uh, if you ever get to fly anywhere...." awkward.

    Hahahaha. Nothing like an awkward moment to keep you humble. :o)