I discovered a new way to accessorize/wear my hair! Scarf headband! I stole this idea from the lovely Jess at Boho Baby Bump. Check it out.

I also discovered that one of my eyes is bigger than the other. What is up with that?!

I mean...seriously. look at how small my left eye is compared to my right eye in the above picture?! Is this a common thing or am I just a freak...uh i mean special? 

Enough narcissism, Katherine. 

Moving on... 

This weekend my awesome in-laws are coming for a visit. We are going to spend some quality time with them chilling, drinkin wine, eating delicious food and hopefully popping over to Goodwill tomorrow morning for their first-weekend-of-the-month-50-percent-off sale. We have rain all weekend here, but hopefully you all can get out and enjoy some nice weather. Spring is almost here!


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  2. i love your hair like this friend :) so glad you enjoyed the rob bell video... isn't he incredible? peace to you, e.

  3. i love the scarf as headband look! long hair rocks it ... i just discovered it before i chopped all mine off. digging it on you.

    this past year, i discovered several photos of me where i have a slight walleye. i've decided that, meh, it's just one of those things that hopefully isn't that noticeable to other people ;) You look great!

  4. I love the head wrap! Very cute!

    And P.S. I would love to go to the zoo after Lily gets here with you!

  5. i've been doing the scarf-on-the-head thing too lately. not much use for a scarf-on-the-neck around here! post about the weekend with those awesome in-laws. what did y'all do????? love you.

  6. umm, you also saw it (the scarf wrap) on your little sis last weekend...


    You both look great in that look!

  7. And, btw, you are stunningly beautiful.

  8. oh girlfriend, i have the same eye problem. drives me.insane.

    but LOVING that scarf due. really really. a lot.

  9. scarves are a best friend to people who dont shower every day. or even every other day. orrrr me?

  10. I have the eye problem too. Maybe it's hereditary. I'm blaming Grandma Betty! Although, she'd probably embrace it and say how unique and special it is. I don't notice it in the mirror, but whenever I take a pic it's very obvious.