Mish-Mash Life Update

I think the weather is sucking my creativity. I haven't felt inspired to write for about 2 weeks. So much is going on, but none feels worthy of an entire blog post...so rather than continue sporadic posts i'm breaking the silence with a family-fireside chat/a life update.

A Visit with the Fanchers

Last weekend my good friend Natalie came down to Nashville for a visit with her husband Ryan. Natalie and I were both music majors at Anderson University and were never super close until senior year when we decided on a whim to be roommates. Best. Decision. Ever. We have so many great memories from our last year of college, planning weddings, watching friends, drinking Oliver's Finest (my first introduction into the world of wine...now i'm ashamed to say how much I loved it cause it's so sweet!) eating real-ha, singing "your no good" at the top of our lungs till 2 in the morning and so much more. Josh and Ryan became friends that same year as a result of the mayhem.

Natalie and Ryan are expecting their first baby so we spent some time oooing and ahhhing over her adorable prego belly and the rest of the weekend was a completely relaxing playing games (Euchre, Scattegories and Clue) shopping, talking and eating. The good life.

Time Alone
A couple weeks ago (March 16 - 19) Josh went to New Orleans for an ESL conference with his sister so I had a little down time by myself. Now, i know this is going to sound bad, but I actually enjoy time at the house when Josh is gone.

Things stay cleaner. I get the computer all to myself and don't have to feel bad about sitting in the comfy office chair while watch Hulu. I get to sleep with my legs and arms all sprawled out and willow snuggled against me and not in her usual Josh chin-chest nook. I eat 2 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for dinner. I play my guitar as loud as I want without feeling like i'm interrupting Josh's work or reading. I find myself talking to the dog more than a normal person should. I sing opera while washing the dishes. I blare music at ridiculous decibels. I light all the candles in the house and sometimes forget to blow them out before going to bed.

But near the end, I start to ache for josh's scruffy beard and sweet kisses. I start to realize that life without him is fun for a little while, but if I were to continue on with my home-alone routine i could quickly turn into that crazy-loud lady that smells like incense and always has jelly on her face, so I welcome him back with a clean house and hugs galore. He does, in fact, make me a better person in the end and I love him dearly for that.

This past Sunday, Josh and I went bowling with some friends. I'm pretty sure my 4 year old nephew got a better bowling score than me. Granted he had a little help from one of those metal bowling ball roller thingys, and his dad...but that's still pretty impressive. 
Women's Retreat
This weekend i'm leading worship at the Franklin Vineyard Women's Retreat. Last year the the retreat was only one night and went by VERY fast. This year we are all skipping regular church on Sunday and having a fun two-night outing complete with time to soak in the Lords presence, spend time with other women, hear testimony and minister to one another.  I'm feeling expectant for God to show up.

I think 2011 has big things for our church body and I know the women will play a vital role during this season. I'm praying that God will be able to use me (and my very limited guitar skills) to open up hearts during worship. Allowing ladies to be tender, vulnerable and able to receive a fresh revelation of His love, peace, grace, and mercy during the retreat and beyond. (is it just me, or did that last part sound like buzz lightyear?)

What are you all getting into this weekend? How's life going. 


  1. oh my goodness, i recognize her! how beautiful the two of you sounded in women's choir. that was the best extra credit course i ever took at AU. how beautiful women's voices sound together.

    I had that exact experience with Oliver wine last time I was back in Indy. Trev and I were so excited to reminisce over a bottle and then I nearly spat out my first sip. It tasted like cough syrup!

  3. I would probably love that wine. (I mean, I love plum wine - the sweeter the better.)

    I loved this post. (I say that a lot.)

    Laughed out loud at the Buzz Lightyear reference.

    The pics from bowling are so good. Poor 'lil Annalee does not look too happy - but everyone else looks splendid!

    I wrote about her (and Chris) last night - late into the night. I wrote "...she stares out at the world with the same deliberate gaze her mother had. She is steady, observing until she chooses to engage." I think this is true of her.

    Your description of yourself home alone was priceless. bahaha - crazy lady with jelly on her face, talking to the dog...oh, wait, I talk to Dolly all the time when I'm home alone.

  4. I laughed out loud at the crazy-incense-jelly woman remark. :)

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  6. Yep - laughed very hard at the jelly on the face-lady comment!

    When Mike is gone I get to stay up late. It's fantastic. Makes me feel like a fun person again. (he goes to bed reeeeal early) But a day later I'm over it and want him to come home.

    I enjoyed this post - life updates are fun to read.

  7. alone time is completely neccesary for sanity i think :)

    <3 steffy
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