Busy Life

As always my weekend flies by with little to no time for me to actually recuperate from the previous week. Here is what my weekend consisted of.

Friday night:
  • 5:30 Called a dog breeder to check references and make a deposit on a cute little cockapoo (cocker spaniel/poodle mix) puppy (soon to be the newest member of our family).
  • 6:00 Went over to the Causey's for dinner (Joanna my sister-in-laws parents)
  • 9:00 Got home from dinner and had people over to watch a movie
  • 1:00 Sleep
  • 9:30 Woke up.
  • 10:00 Went on scheduled shopping date with sisters-in-law. Ended up being more frustrating than fun because as it turns out... Josh and I have no money.
  • 2:00 Got home and ate some food
  • 3:00 Showered
  • 4:30 Went to church to help with worship
  • 8:30 Got home from church
  • 8:45 had people over to hang out and eat dinner
  • 12:45 Sleep
  • 8:45 woke up
  • 9:45 First day for Sunday morning service at our church.
  • 12:00 Immediately after church had a youth event playing Volleyball, frisbee, sardines, and grilling out...
  • 4:30 got home from youth event
  • 5:00 felt obligated to work out at the YMCA
  • 6:15 played tennis
  • 7:30 Went to dinner with friends
  • 9:30 got home
  • 10:30 crashed in bed
  • 12:00 Actually fell asleep...

Needless to say...I feel like I haven't had any time for me to just do "what I want." I know that sounds selfish, but sometimes that's what a girl needs.

I constantly feel surrounded by other people and feel as though I am caught up with making them happy and giving them what they want all the time. It's a frustrating feeling to have. I am caught in the middle of hating being alone but desperately needing some alone time to rest my brain. Not sure how to fix this problem. It is wearing on my nerves and emotions and unfortunately the people closest to me are the ones taking the brunt of the aftermath. If anyone has an solutions...please let me know asap.

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