45 Mins. of Singing Bliss

There are few things in this world that I enjoy more than musical and movie soundtracks. I tend to enjoy the soundtracks even more than the actual musical or movie themselves sometimes. Last Friday night I spent about 15 minutes singing various songs from all sorts of movies, TV Shows, and Broadway shows to my housemates challenging them to see if they could guess where the song came from (I know, we are a rowdy bunch right?). It was so much fun. Surprisingly, my husband knew a lot of the music from childhood Disney movies. Not from watching the movies himself but probably because I have sang them to him so often.

I also found that singing music from Broadway or my favorite Disney movie (read: The Little Mermaid/Beauty and the Beast) entertains and pleases my little live-in niece Ayla (who is now a cute 8.5 weeks old and a whopping 14+ lbs. Gotta love her!) It was one of the most fun things to see how docile and sweet she can been when I sing these songs to her. I babysat her on Sunday while her parents took a much needed nap. I think we spent a a whole 45 mins of her not crying but smiling at me as I sang some of my favorite tunes from the sliver screen/big stage. Children really do boost self-esteem.

But, never-the-less she eventually got bored and I had to distract her with shiny things (read: her swing, the tan and brown leaf pillows she loves, a wall sconce, boucing around, "Shhing" etc.). And then she pooped...everywhere! (EVERYWHERE!!! read: it got in her hair) I didn't mind changing her though for 3 reasons...
  1. She is my cute little niece whom I love.
  2. It was kinda funny.
  3. She let me sing broadway to her for 45 mins and didn't complain...It's hard to find people like that nowadays.


  1. Wishing you much love, peace, and happiness!

  2. love, love, loved reading this one. funny. cute.