What Do I Want From Them?

I starting "writing" in my head a little bit yesterday. I am beginning to believe I need a tape recorder handy to get this stuff down somewhere. Today I was thinking, what do I want to get out of my songs? I don't want to sell hundreds or thousands of CDs. I don't want to makes tons of money and I don't want fame from my music...

Here is what I have decided want from my songs.
I want to write songs that move people into a deeper relationship with the Lord. I want them to ignite corporate and personal worship. I want them to move me. I want them to move others. I want them to be dynamic and not fall flat like so many songs do. I want them to be gripping and poetic, but not in a "Shel Sliverstien way" where everything has to rhyme. I want them to pull someone into the place where they can meet the Lord in an intimate and powerful way. I want them to be from a heart that is searching but inspired by the creative reamls of heaven so they lead the lost to Jesus. I want them to bring a joyful and pleasing sound to the Lord's ear.


  1. Amen babe. I am expecting big things. Truly.

  2. While we were in worship last night (Before the Throne group) I felt led to pray for your song writing... those are the things I prayed - just what your heart desires.