A New Horizon

So yesterday was a pretty big day for the my family (aka me and Josh). Josh has been pretty unhappy at his full-time job at 20/20 research and we had been praying that the Lord would give us a sign for him to be able to quit 20/20 or for the Lord to close the door there with Josh leaving on favorable terms. We were hoping that the sign would come in a monetary form...like Josh would receive some money from one of his side projects, get another job, or a random large check would come in the mail. (I am not kidding about that last one...)

Well yesterday the position at Josh's work was eliminated and they laid off all the Assistant Project Managers at 20/20 (3 people). I guess we got our sign/a very closed door. The company was great about everything. They offered him a good severance, plus a part-time job at the company should he want to continue a few days a week.

Now, I know that this is complete answer to prayer because Josh was feeling stifled at his job and I could tell that his passions and talent could be used elsewhere that would make him happy. But, this is a massive change that I didn't really prepare my heart and mind for. I am still in complete shock. Tons of thoughts and panicked moments start to run through my head. I am now the only person in our house that is working...I am going to have to drive myself to work now and not get the cherished 20 min drive to and from work with my hubby...We are going to be scraping for money again, when just two weeks ago we got to a financial point where we were comfortable...I am not going to be able to get the puppy...so much for a 2 y ear anniversary trip...etc. etc. etc....

I know I am being dramatic and a lot of this stuff won't be an issue after a couple of weeks. The Lord has never let us down. We have always had enough to get by, plus some. One of the big things that is making me feel better about this whole thing is a small "act" that happened yesterday. A few weeks ago Josh's sister had made this painting for him that had one half of a verse on it that says "May the Favor of the Lord rest upon us..." and then the second part of the verse was on a painting that she kept and it says "Establish the work of our hands. Yes Lord, establish the work of our hands."

For the longest time this painting sat next to the TV in our living room. Then I think it moved to the office at our house. But, yesterday, Josh thought - "I am going to take this to work and hang it up" He hung it up above his head at work in his cube. Then got laid off. Took and down, and brought it with him as he walked out of 20/20. The favor of the Lord was upon him as he was being let go. It came with him as he met me at Starbucks to give me the news... and it is with him wherever he is now. I believe the fact that he took that painting with him to work on the day he got laid off was significant. I think it's the Lords was of reminding me that Josh being laid off is in His favor and will for our lives.

Let it be Lord. I am learning to trust in You again. I know You care for us, Father. Please, guide our steps in this unknown time and let us know the next path for our family to take. I am trying to lean on you and let your blessings flow out of this sudden, scary, but good, answer to prayer.


  1. Kat--your writing here is beautiful!! And your heart in all of this...even MORE beautiful! I love that verse, and I love your response of "Let it be!" I'm praying that God would make clear the next steps, just as He has the closed door...