Silent House

After a weekend of non-stop movement and people filling our house I sit on a Sunday afternoon in a quite and empty condo. Josh has gone to Indianapolis for the day and Nathan, Joanna, and Ayla are at church/Jo's parents for the day.

I spent the morning slowly waking up, cleaning from the previous night's festivities, catching up on the best TV show ever (LOST), doing yoga, and wrapping up the mound of laundry that needed to be done. A leisurely morning doesn't happen often around here. I really enjoy it from time to time, but after a while it starts to feel odd....where is everyone? I wish they were home so I could at least be typing this blog next to someone I love. Even if Josh were just in the other room working on ESL Basics or if Jo were upstairs feeding the Ayla I would at least be surrounded by the ones I care about.

It is hard for me to picture myself living alone ever again. When the condo is empty it starts to feel cold and stale...that could have something to do with the snow that came last night or it could be that humans are made to be in community. God made us as relational beings and even if it's hard to find a moments peace and quite when the house is full...I much prefer it that way. :)

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