High School Reunion

This past weekend I went to my High School Reunion. Okay, Okay it wasn't the official High School reunion, but I got together with some of my closest friends from my Worthington Kilbourne days and the best part about it was, they came to Nashville and I didn't have to travel! (if you haven't noticed i've been sort of MIA because of the massive amount of travel with work, weekend getaways and more.)

Susan my funky artist friend who has a heart for spreading God's word and cracks me up traveled from Memphis. Katy, my passionate, funny name-buddy who i'm convinced is going to save the world came from Washington DC and Stephanie, my quirky fun-loving, super loyal and sweet friend came from Columbus for the bride-to-be (steph's) bachelorette party. Friday we dinned at a swanky wood-fired pizza joint called Urban Flatts. We savored sushi and drank wine with the rolling hills of TN in as our backdrop at Arrington Vineyard on Saturday afternoon. Then toped the party off by watching a good ole' buckeye butt kicking (OSU, 36 - Miami, 24) and hit up the honky-tonks on Broadway tourist style. 

 It was such a great time. There's something comfortable and refreshing about being around the friends that we're there during the transition from super-awkward-tie-die-t-shirt-wearing-chubby-pre-teen to slightly-less-awkward-only-semi-fashionable-normal-teen and then on again to college and post-college and beyond. Even though we are all in very different stages in life and have vastly different beliefs, it's always so great being around these girls.We seems to pick up as if we just left the round table in the cafeteria on Monday morning before the Spanish mid-term. I wish I saw them more often. 

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