More Bike Musings

Just because i'm on a total biking kick right now, thought I would leave you with some thoughts for your Friday.

On a bike you notice things. Things that are there every day. that you drive by all the time, yet never see till you are forced to go no more than 10 MPH because your legs are sore. 

You notice wild life. A flock of birds fluttering away as you speed past. a fat hedge hog wobbling into the brush when he notices you approach. even a little monarch butterfly in the middle of the path that you swerve to avoid squishing. You also notice things like:

There is not 1 but 2 Primitive Baptist Churches within .25 miles of each other on Liberty Road. I've never even heard of a Primitive Baptist church before and now i'm biking past 2 of them!

This guys mailbox...
Matches his driveway
What's the deal with these? Is he going to start walking around in wooden shoes or is he the captain of a ship? I'm confused.
There are A LOT of gravel patches in scary places that I try to avoid.
This place is sketchy...but I kinda want to go there. 
This house looks pretty and quaint. Welcoming and warm.

Then you zoom in your camera lens and realize...oh wait

Yup. a "Beware of Dog" sign in the 2nd story window. A lot of good that's going to do.
A storm drain that like to state the obvious.

a fountain that's growing flowers

Makes me want to be more coherent while i'm driving. There's something wrong with that sentence.


  1. bahahahahaha.
    "something wrong with that sentence."

  2. You don't wear tennis shoes to bike? What a woman. :o)

    Glad you're still biking. Go ahead and feel triumphant about that.

  3. Love the pictures...it's kinda like people watching but not with people.

  4. Fun! I really want to get a bike. It has been perfect biking weather lately!

    P.S. Did you know yoga starts back up this Sunday?! Woo hoo! Are you going to go? I plan on it as long as dr. says its okay tomorrow. Hopefully see you there!