My Season

A crisp cool chill in the air. Sweaters. Apple cider. Carving pumpkins. Baking pies. The annual debate about when we can turn on christmas music. Yes, that's right, the season of Fall is upon us. The season where the earth withers and dies, for me, always seems to bring life and rejuvenation. 

It also happens to be my favorite season with many fond memories of sipping coffee/hot chocolate with my mom reading through my stack of picture books on the back porch while watching squirrels rustle about in the piles of leaves about our yard. Digging into the creative part of our brain to come up with a non-scary halloween costume made from things around the house - a gypsy, a cat, a pirate, a baby, a pumpkin, a bunny. The start of football season with the sound of a game playing wafting from the living room 11 am on Saturday till 9 pm on Sunday each weekend. The annual trip to Circle S Pumpkin farm to bound and leap through the barn of hay while we await our turn on the wagon out to the biggest pumpkin patch a kid can imagine. A sweetness of family and friends fills the air in Fall as we prepare our hearts for the season of Christ's coming. This season always seems to be a launching pad for my faith and a time of growth and closeness with God.

This year is no different. I've been feeling challenged to live an authentic and full life. I truly want to live my life with the realization that this is the only life I get and suck every last drop of juicy goodness out of each day. I want to live with the realization that Heaven is where my citizenship is and that what I do here, in this life, echos for eternity.

I've been feeling God call me back into a life undivided for him. I want to live unashamed and boldly proclaim and show God's love to people throughout my daily life at work, at home, in the grocery store, with my sister, with my friends, with my husband. I don't want to live a separate life as "business Kat" and "home Kat" and "church Kat." That type of cycle leads to a slow death of my soul and passions. The lies of insincerity have begun to break my heart and I feel a beckoning to be genuine. 

I need not be ashamed of passionately desiring to encounter God. To experience Him and receive a renewed mind. To cling to and live out the ultimate calling of bringing heaven to earth in a non-apologetic, aggressive, faith-filled, Jesus-centered way. Healing the sick (headache, fever, cold, blindness, cancer) should be normal. Favor and blessing on God's people in business should be normal. Kindness and extravagant giving should be normal. Setting people free of oppression, depression, and sadness should be normal.

Looking forward to what God has in store in my season. 

And because blogs are more fun with photos...here's a picture of me in one of our homemade costumes as a kid.
Hope you all are pressing into God for life this season.

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  1. You were a cute little clown! I agree with you- there is something so meaningful about fall... and I love the new season God is calling you into!