Spin and Win, Anyone?

This week I'm in Grand Island, Nebraska for the Husker Harvest Days farm show. This is very similar to the farm show I attended in Boone, IA a couple weeks ago except this time around I'm staying in a better hotel and instead of a whole crew of people working our booth, it's just me and my friend/co-worker Jennifer repeating in a step-on-up-sounding-carnival voice over and over again  "Just need to get your name and e-mail address and then you can take a spin on the prize wheel."

I think i'm going to hear the click of that wheel in my sleep.

I've noticed I get unhealthily angry when people tell me they don't have an e-mail address...I mean seriously. First of all it's 2010. E-mail has been around since like 1990. You're about 20 years behind the times. I think it's safe to say that e-mail and the internet isn't a passing fad and you can jump on this boat. 2nd of all, it would be easier if you would just write a fake e-mail down than for us to have a conversation about whether or not you can put down your phone number or mailing address instead...in front of a huge crowd of people... who are then going to also want to only put their phone number down as well....

The best (read: most annoying) is when someone tells me they don't have an e-mail address and then I explain to them what we do and who we are and then they magically have an e-mail address. I've never seen so many lying people in all my life.

Awkward moment of the day: Man with one hand spins the prize wheel and wins work gloves...

Awesome moment of the day: This joke a farmer told us: "I sold a horse to a man the other day. The man asked 'how is she?' I said 'She don't look to good, so I'll give you a discount.' The man bought the horse and then brought her back the next day and in an outrage said 'This horse is blind!' I replied 'I told you she didn't look too good.'"
Instant classic.


  1. farmers.

    why wouldn't they give you an email - they could always unsubscribe after a day or two...

    oh. awkward. work gloves. dang, that's rough.

  2. oh my mercy. that is the best on so many levels.
    a) i have so many friends/relatives-to-be who live in grand island! i've stopped there on my way to north platte many times

    b) boo about the e-mail address thing. just write it down, people!