Missing the Hubs

I'm really missing my hubs this week while I'm on this trip for work. We haven't been able to talk much because i'm constantly working the booth at the show and in the evenings we both seem to be missing each other on the phone. Here are 15 things I'm missing while we are apart. 
  1. Him making me a killer egg white breakfast
  2. Pillow talk before bed, followed by a sweet good night kiss
  3. His red hair
  4. Getting big hugs from him when he gets home from work
  5. Snuggling on the couch watching a movie
  6. Having the daily "what's for dinner convo" via text around 4:00
  7. His tallness.
  8. Holding hands
  9. Waking him up in the morning with a smooch/nudge to move over on the bed so I can dry my hair.
  10. Randomly riding our bikes together somewhere
  11. His even keel wisdom to keep me level headed and to encourage me
  12. Taking willow on a walk together
  13. The battle with our alarm clocks every morning as we mentally debate whether or not we should get up early to work out - okay...I don't really miss this part. 
  14. His funny little hammer toes. :)
  15. His beard.

Love you baby.


  1. Very sweet : ). And that is a great pic of you guys.

  2. Thanks, Mandy! It's my favorite picture of us taken last summer.

  3. Sweet heart, I can't wait to see you. Life without you around is not the same. Hurry home.