T-minus 19 Hours and Counting

We had grandiose plans to pack all of our stuff on Sunday night and make sure we had everything we needed a few days in advance so we could shop and repack if necessary. In true Michael form, Josh and I have completely procrastinated and don't have a single item packed and it's currently 6 pm the night before we leave.

With that said, we are completely prepared in other areas.
  • Mentally: I am now officially off of work for the next 2 weeks and can devote 100% of my thoughts towards France and all things wine/cheese/baguette etc. Josh and I have also been practicing some simple French phrases like "Je ne parle pas français" (I don't speak French.) "Je suis américain" (I am american.) and "Pouvez-vous parler anglais?" (Can you speak english?) You know...only the necessities.
  • Physically: The last two days we have woken before the sun at 5:45 and 6 am to mentally prepare for the time change and maximize all sleep time on the plane tomorrow night. We plan to get up at 5:00 am tomorrow so hopefully by 6:00 pm our time we will be sleepy enough to snooze the entire 8.5 hr flight over seas and be on everyone elses 7:30 am schedule by the time we land.
  • Emotionally: So excited our heads are about to explode. I think that's all the prep you need there.
  • Spiritually: I honestly don't have anything to put in this section except that we are fully aware that it was a financial miracle for us to be able to make this trip. I am so thankful for God's provision to allow for Josh and his brother (and me and jo and ayla and josiah) to be able to hang out one more time before N&J leave for Cameroon. Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow. Even in the form of seemingly fancy, excessive vacations overseas. Isn't it just like God to bless extravagantly?
We will all be reunited soon.

It's very poetic/prophetic that the quote just to the left of Jo Jo is about the character Jo from Little Women.

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  1. Agh!! You're going to France!! Have a blast dear one. Write while you are there! Please. I love you out and beyond.