Would you Save an Ice Cream Cone?

Have you evergiven food to a random stranger? And I''m not talking about going to the food pantry and giving food (which is all good) but, I mean,  you purchase a burger, piece of pizza, etc. and then gave it away to someone you don't know?

Last week while traveling I did this twice. the first time I realized i had some water in my bag that i couldn't take through security so I walked up to the first person I saw, bottle in hand and asked if they wanted this unopened bottle of water.
"No Thanks."was the reply.
Next person, not to far from the first just politely  shook their head. The 3rd, with out looking up from what he was doing, just said "no". I think they all might have thought I was crazy and my clever ruse of a middle class white chick was all just to cover up that I had actually planted a bomb in the unopened bottle of water. Finally, an elderly woman who seemed overly surprised at my offering, with a big grin decided to take the water.

The 2nd time I gave food away was later that day. After grabbing lunch on my layover in Denver I thought a little TCBY would be a nice way to round off my work trip. As I was checking out the worker came to me and said "I have this extra Strawberry cone I accidently pulled. Do you want it?" and my reply was "Uhh...does a bear poop in the woods?" Just kidding...I actually politely replied "Yes, please." I figured my colleague who was waiting at the gate might find her self hankering for a little low-fat goodness, too.

Arriving at the gate I mouthed to Jennifer (who was busy on the phone) "Do you want this ice cream?" She shook her head and mouthed "no" at the same time.

Dang. Now what. I walked over to the trash can one ice cream in each hand and and held the perfectly twirled strawberry cone over top the can opening. An internal struggle ensued as I weighed whether or not i wanted to eat 2 cones and look semi gluttonous in the process or if I should move on and just throw one away and risk feeling the wrath of all the starving kids in Africa...

As I stood there, strawberry cone over the can, anxiety written all over my face and, dare I say, a bead of sweat on my brow, a guy a walked by and shouted in a superhero "stop-that-car" voice "Hey! What are you doing to that cone?"

Rather than revealing my mental debate and quasi-unstableness to the crowded terminal, I replied "I think i'm going to trow it away. Do you want it?"

With less than a split second of thought this man just took the ice cream cone and started eating it! No questions asked!

I just find it interesting that a closed bottle of water was turned down several times, yet this guy, who saw the pretty pink innocent cone being threatened with the can of death jumped at the opportunity to save it from plummeting to doom and waste.

Cone rescued. 

Would any of you save an ice cream cone from being thrown away if you didn't know where it came from? Why do you think people were so skeptical about the bottle, yet there was a sense of entitlement when it came to the threatened cone?

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  1. This was an unexplainable display of human behavior. I think a test in a controlled environment should take place immediately! I volunteer to carry around the strawberry cones.