Another Goodbye

Conversations over pesto pizza, salad and cold beer at Whole foods with mamas holding fussy, overtired babies on our hips wishing we had more time. The plans were to meet up the next day for a cookout, a sleep over, and some final moments together before Nate and Joanna (my brother-in-law and sister-in-law) would depart for another stretch in the mission field in Africa, but the night was sweet, the air was cool and none of us wanted to part ways.

We talked about health, we talked about travel plans, we talked about babies, and future babies, and holidays, and reminisced about being housemates. As usual, the conversation eventually turned toward the Brewery. The one the boys will start up when they finally return from Afica for good. Thirteen Foot Brewery. (13 feet is the collective height of the boys - 6' 7" and 6' 5"). Dreaming of menus, and marketing plans, and beer names and distribution possibilities.

When we finally peeled away from each other for the evening, Josh and I got in the dark car and looked at each other knowing we were both thinking the same thing. We are really going to miss them.

We are blessed with a great many close friends. People we trust and have lots of great times with. However, then there is the inner circle of friends. People we bare our souls to. People who know our dirt. who will pray for us, check in on us, watch our kid for free and we can be 100% real around. These people have seen me on multiple times unshowered and without makeup. (this is a big deal...) This is a small group. I can almost count them on one hand and most of them are family members. Nate and Jo are in that group.

It's really hard having to spend this season of life so far away from one another and even disconnected from typical means of communication (cell phones are limited and internet access is very spotty where they live in Cameroon.) I'm glad they are walking in their calling. and I support them and what they are doing 100% And I'm SO glad the word of God is being spread. But selfishly (very selfishly) I wish it could be spread through someone else.

That is bad.

I repeat...That is SO bad....

But It's true. I love these people so much, that having to see them come and go so often tears a bit of my heart away every time they leave and I'm not even blood related to them, so I can only imagine how much Josh's heart breaks when they go. I'm so glad we were able to spend a few precious nights lingering and sucking out every last drop of time together to sustain us till they come back. We will miss them like crazy.

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