eucharisteo: a simple list of thanks

Trying to be more thankful.  eucharisteo: a simple list of thanks is hopefully going to become a regular post where I compile all my notes of thanks from one week and share.

old friends texting encouragement and prayers
spicy dark chocolate
wine tastings at the bottle shop
free time to blog and read
a caring devoted patient husband
baby chewing crazily on teether bracelet making me laugh
provision through etsy sales
black and gold butterfly crossing my path twice
being resourceful and finding the fixings for a delicious lunch right at home
mini monkey breads made by my husband
baby hands running through pouring water and big smiles at bath time
hard working husband
friends in my living room and babies playing together
1.5 hour naps
fresh home cooked healthy meals
beer on sale
homemade baby food saving us money
Soft milky white baby skin
nursing snuggles on the couch

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