Little Adventurer

Felix. My little adventure boy. Always moving and exploring. Looking for the next thing to discover.

A few days ago we were having some quiet play time while you sat in your crib with a handful of soft toys, finger puppets. Soft rattle. Soft crinkly block. The next thing I know, you have your feet against the wall, your hands gripping the side of the crib and you are pulling yourself up off the bed reaching for the window blinds. My immediate thought was - Hazard! (And I made a mental note to move the blind cords) But then I watched you.

Quite determination. Focus with extreme intensity. Even after slipping from the bar a few times and landing on your bottom, you didn't give up. You just kept trying for the dangling cord. My heart was bursting. I was so proud of you (and still am). You no longer seemed like a baby to me. Just a little boy on a mission.

Eventually, you grasped it and it wiggled away, swaying back and forth just out of your reach and one final fall landed you on your back like a turtle. Angry you couldn't free yourself from the laying down position and in an instant you flashed back into my sweet little baby. For now, you are a bit stuck between baby and kid. But I'm here to help you learn and grow even when big ole tears of frustration come a result. You will get it soon enough little one. In the mean time, lots of snuggles and hugs when you fall.

Then today. You were playing, again in your crib, with a few toys. A couple wooden sea animals from nana, a soft brush and your plush carrot squeaky toy from IKEA. I was getting ready in the next room with the doors open so I could keep an eye on you down the hall way. Happy Happy boy. Pulling toys out of a box. Examining each one. Then I saw you take your position again. Except this time, on the other side of crib - not facing the wall. Feet planted firmly on two rails hands gripping the cross bar and I hurried down the hall to stop you. Before I got there, this was happening.

Standing. Grinning ear to ear. So proud of your achievement. So from an arms length away at that point, I, of course, took a picture. Note to self...lower crib mattress.

While Daddy made lunch for us this afternoon, little boy, you rolled back and forth across the living room floor. all wrapped up in your blue snuggly blanket. Stretching this way and that to reach the legs of the arm chair. To reach your new stuffed monkey, then - what's this? - mommy's flip-flop. Ah... Happy as a clam, all by yourself. Then lighting up the room with  your precious smile when i walk in. Independent, yet extremely social.  The best of all world. I know you have great things in your future, my son. my little adventurer.

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