Felix - 6 Months

The 5th month flew by with me never taking his photo. Whoops!

You are officially 6 months and getting so big! You were 28 inches and 18.5 lbs at your doctor's appointment on Monday and hitting all your developmental milestones on time or early! Sitting without support - Check (since 5 months!) Rocking on hands and knees getting ready to crawl - check! Eating some puréed goodies every now and then (sweet potatoes, bananas, avocado)  - check!

You had your first two airplane trips this past month and did swimmingly. Hardly a peep for the first 3 times and a bit fussy, but nothing uncontrollable on our most recent return trip. You are starting to have so much more energy when you are awake. Two Sunday's ago we couldn't keep you still during church. You were such a busy little bee trying to grab everything and see things behind you. We eventually just sat you on the floor and put a bunch of quite toys in front of you to play with. You loved it!

We went in the pool a few times this past month. The first time you got in the water, it was a bit chilly and you took a deep breath in from shock, but once you got used to the temperature you just kept looking at me all bright eyed saying "da da da da" (your new favorite word) over and over.

You practically fold yourself in half every time you lay on your back to stick your toes in your mouth, but staying on your back never lasts very long. You roll both ways now and are constantly pushing up into downward dog position and more recently into all fours rocking back and forth. Today you even got one knee moved forward and then face planted. (whoops!) I think if you could skip crawling you would. When I hold your hands you sway back and forth moving your feet forward walking! It's quite impressive for 6 months.

All this new movement is making for some interesting sleep time. I lay you down to sleep and when I come back in you have completely changed positions. Head at opposite end of the crib. (You're sleeping in your crib now, too!) leg tossed up on a railing. bootie up in the air. I think it will be more amusing when you can figure out how to keep yourself asleep in such odd positions. Most of the time you end up waking yourself up, which means I'm still one tired momma.

You've started to fake cough to get my attention and when I look at you, you think it is the funniest thing. You also get super hysterical with laughter when you are slightly over tired. It's quite entertaining, but then I know i'm in for it when it comes time to put you to sleep. Fussing and kicking and wiggling all over your crib is bound to ensue.

You could read books for hours (A son after my own heart.) You are a ham for the camera, bu are hard to catch with the iPhone because of how fast you wiggle around. We have migrated to sitting in the blue bath tub, but honestly, it's too small for you. Big baths are in your near future! You are so much fun to play with and we spend hours together every day examining your toys and trying new things with each one! Tossing the ball. Shaking the rattle. Squeezing the stuffed fox. Or I can set you on the ground with a variety of play things from your toy chest and you will amuse yourself while I cook dinner, fold laundry, etc. etc. What a sweet boy.

I'm amazed at how many people remark how happy you are. Family members and Friends, of course, because they are around you all the time and get to interact with your sweetness day in and day out. But complete strangers come up to us and say "What a happy baby!" To me this is odd. I would never think to say that about a baby I don't know. "Cute" "Beautiful" "Sweet" those are my go-to adjetives for pretty much any baby I run into and you are all of those things, my precious child, but Happy...happy is what people feel when they see you. Happiness is what you exude and you bring joy to those that even just briefly come across your path. I guess I shouldn't be surprised since we specifically chose a name that ment "happy" when we named you.

I'm so thankful I get to be your mama. Your daddy and I constantly pray that your life would be marked with the presensce of the Lord. and that you would know Him from an early age. We love you sweet boy. Happy half birthday.


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  1. Katherine, I so love this. You are such a great mom. I am actually crying because I am so happy for you and sad that I haven't seen Felix in so long. Miss you guys immensely.