Because I Need to Write About Something Less Heavy - Breakfast Quinoa

It's been heavy around here. That's the season of life I'm in, but there are also a lot of really great things happening. Like Felix is napping better. (two 1.5 hour naps today!) Like my husband works his butt off at his 9-6 job and comes home and continues to work his butt of on side projects. Hoping for one day more time with his family. (I'm so grateful for him) Like fresh baked cookies, skpye prayer meetings, homemade pizza, spontaneous late nights with good friends and wine, afternoon housewarming parties, baked oatmeal, and coffee with other mamas.

Like a fun trip to Barnes and Noble last week when Felix played with toys on the ground and I read Bread and Wine with a stack of other hopeful books beside me.  And one of my favorite moments recently was last Saturday morning when I decided I was going to make the breakfast quinoa from the above mentioned book. So on Friday afternoon I sought out the ingredients at Whole Foods.

Whole foods is one of my happy places. I needed out of the house so in between naps Felix and I ventured out. I strapped him into the shopping cart with a blanket tucked around him. Taking note how tiny he looked holding himself up in the front of the cart. His baby hands gripping the metal in front of him and his ear to ear grin of excitement to be sitting in the cart. Free to twist and turn all about to see whatever his little heart desires. I loaded up on 2 lbs of Whole Grain quinoa, chicken apple sausage, and bought a new pack of brown eggs.

The next morning was Saturday. While I was sautéing the onion in a bit of olive oil Josh realized we were out of coffee and headed out to Whole Foods for a pound of breakfast blend. I chopped sausage. boiled and simmered the quinoa and then fried 3 eggs. Two for Josh, 1 for me. A pinch of salt. A dash of red pepper flakes for Josh and our eggs and toast routine was turned gourmet and healthy. I plan to buy Bread and Wine sometime soon so I don't have to compulsively come up with excuses to go to Barnes and Noble just to read it. What I've read so far is amazing.

This was such a special morning. Felix was happy. Watching me cook, playing with toys on a blanket laid on the floor. Josh grinding beans and pouring us both a steaming cup. Me grating sharp cheddar, and chopping ingredients around the kitchen. It had been weeks since we were able to spend a laid back Saturday morning like this together and it brought about a sense of togetherness and restored a bit of peace to our home. Quinoa lightened our heavy load.

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