So much has happened. A lot that I can't and don't feel comfortable sharing. A family crisis bringing all the Ewing sisters and our mom and dad together in one place. At my parents new home in Baltimore. Hugs wrapped around one another finding comfort in warm, familiar and steady arms. Spinach lasagna, garlic bread,  coffee and chocolate chip cookies filling our tummies. Giving us a sense of oneness in an strange and confusing place and situation.

When tragedy strikes coming back to home base sometimes feels like the only thing that will keep your insides from falling right out of you. The only thing that will keep you from curling up into a ball on the floor and screaming is having your sister next to you and your moms hand stroking your hair. Familiar jokes. Familiar faces. Familiar snuggles. Clinging to each other with a strength we didn't even know existed

I wrote earlier this month that home for me is Nashville and Franklin now. And it for sure is. Especially with my parents recent move to Baltimore, the house I grew up in in Ohio is no longer ours.

But this week our family truly proved that home has little to do with a location. It's in dad's stellar breakfast omelets  In loading a dishwasher together - you wash I dry. In backseat driving and teasing. In recipe tug-of-war and in curled up reading on the couch next to each other. In talking loudly at the dinner table, hands laid and prayers lifted. In backs scratched and hymns sung in harmony. We found that home is in fact, with each other.

Your thoughts and prayers for us are appreciated.

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