I'm headed to Columbus, OH this weekend for my cousin Kristen's Wedding. I am a part of a super close knit extended family. We had so many great memories growing up. Whenever I get back together with everyone I end up getting all nostalgic and want to dwell on fond years of yore. I don't have a lot of time today cause we are trying to hit the road, so rather than typing a bunch of memories, i'm going to post some amazing photos of my family and look forward to taking many more pictures and having tons more fun this coming weekend. Love all of you guys. :)

Holly and I watching Uncle Dale take a canoe bath at the A-Frame house. LOVE holly's hair.
Grandpapa. A true patriarch and virtuous man who put up with and loved all his crazy grand babies. Emily...being emily.
Aren't my Dad handsome, and my sister freaking adorable here?!
Mom in High School doing something artsy.

Me and Cynthia dressed to the "nines" one might say...another might say dressed like Little house on the prairie and minnie mouse.
I love AD!
Mo-Hair was a big thing when we were in high school. Don't judge. (Kristen, bride to be, is in the middle.)
My mom and all her sisters (aka my aunts) from top left counter-clock wise: Aunt Debby, Aunt Cindy, Aunt Linda, Mom, Aunt Kathy
Cousin Nick. Overseas serving our country right now at war. I love him.
Uncle Dewey!
Aunt Debby and sweet lil Becca-Boo
All the girl cousins. I think we went to Cosi that day or something cause we look like tribal children of Africa.
All the cousins on mom's side (before Emily, becca, charles tanner and william) and Aunt Linda!
This picture is amazing for obvious reasons.
And my mom with Nick being an Aunt for the first time. :)

Another comparison of how much they look alike and just because she is so pretty and willow is so cute.
And of course and all around classic with all the older cousins represented that should probably be on awkwardfamilyphotos.com.
p.s. I googled how to spell nostalgia and what yore meant while writing this post. sad...i know.


  1. that's such a great post!! thanks for sharing these.. i bet they bring back wonderful memories! :D

    Animated Confessions

  2. Love the captions on the pics! And, yes, Becca does look like me when I was young. :o) When one of my old boyfriends met her (when she was 12 or 13) he looked and her and then turned to me and said, "She looks just like you did."

    That picture taken after a COSI outing - is one where I have to look really close to tell you and Holly apart.