Two in One Day - Watch out August you might be bigger than July!

Giving Miscellany Monday a try again. Since there is only 3o mins. left in my Monday, this will be a short one.

Online Shopping
I've rediscovered online shopping. Adding things I want to an imaginary bag that never gets heavy, nor do I actually have to try on 25 tops in Forever 21 when I can only take in 6 and have to leave the other 19 hanging on the one hook outside the door and the curtain keeps cracking in the corner and I swear that little size 2 teenager is sitting out there judging me as my hair get's staticy and I expend every last ounce of energy trying to do up one more zipper in the back just out of my reach. Online shopping is the opposite. It's a blissfull "click"- add-to-cart-no-commitment-no-actual-depletion-of-funds shopaholics dream.

Dog Kisses
Willow LOVES to lick Josh. She licks his arms, legs, hands and face. She especially loves his face right before we go to bed after he has brushed is teeth and has toothpaste all stuck in his beard. It's a bit of a weird thing to watch because Josh has absolutly no problem with her licking him. At first it's kinda cute...then it goes on for about 10 mins (literally!) and i'm a little grossed out and can't look at either of them. Me, I let her lick my hand and sometimes my face, but she is limited to a one to two lick maximum.
They are buddies.

The Heat
The weather has been crazy here in TN all year. January/February we had record level snows. May we had a 1,000 year flood that destroyed thousands of homes and businesses and set back several elements of the greater Nashville economy. And then this summer it's been one of the hottest summers I've ever experinced and the highs every day are far above the average high for this area. All week this week we will be hovering around 98, 99, and 100 farienheit. That's not counting the heat index. Shesh!! Craziness!

I haven't posted on here about this yet, but I think most of my readers (all 11 of you) know about this already. At the end of september Josh and I are going to get to go to France to visit Nate, Jo and Ayla before they leave for Africa. I'm soooo pumped! We will have two days in Geneva when we fly in and at least one day trip to Italy, but for the most part we will be chillin in Chambery, where Nate and Jo live. More of this trip later.

This is my official call out to all lurkers. A lurker is someone who always reads/browses/checks out a blog but NEVER comments or follows them. If you are lurker please be aware that (i'm going to be blunt here) I don't like you! I mean, I would rather you lurk and read than not read at all but it would make my day if you would comment on my blog. :) Any and all comments are appreciated, even if it's just "good post" or "bad post" or "miss you" or "don't miss you" or "why do you always write about your dog?" or "do you really drink that much wine?" or "why do you take so many posed photos at restaurants?" Please just say ANYTHING! I love feedback. If you are feeling extra nice and want to be super involved, go ahead and click that follow button and be tied to all my posts forever! (ok it's not that permanent, but It would really make me happy.)

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  1. Haha - that one about the posed pictures at restaurants, I thought that one reading a recent post. I thought back to seeing your honeymoon pictures, and there were like a hundred pictures of you smiling at a table. haha. oh, and, i miss you.

  2. I love what you wrote about online shopping...hahaha!

  3. Kat---the last thing in life that I want to be is a "lurker"!!! I am hooked to your blogs...Consider me a follower for life.

    Oh yeah, miss you.

  4. Follower for life here as well...

    ...you mean there are people who don't pose in restaurants? Seriously, I've thought about this because we (the Ewings) do that ALL the time. My conclusion: because we never took vacations (2 income world, 1 income), eating in restaurants was our vacation-spend-extended-time-together time.

    I hate forever 21. I actually took the time to write a letter to the owners, Mr. Chang and Ms. Nadine Kasongo, about it. I will email you portions of the letter. Awful place.

    I, too, am fairly grossed out by extended doggie kisses. Dolly gets one tongue swipe before I stop her.

    Heard on the news today that it was 119˚ in Memphis. I thought of you and Cynthia (and "the boys").

    You will always get feedback from me - whether you want it or not. :o)

  5. I like this idea of "Miscellany Monday"...very cool! And since I like comments too...I thought I would leave you one! :)

  6. Katherine, I try to read your posts faithfully, however, since I am usually catching up with a bunch at a time, I don't leave comments a lot. But I don't want to be a LURKER!! I'll try harder, I promise!!! LOL
    You have your mother's gift of interesting writing! Love to you both...