You wanna know...

...how amazing God is?

Since my "sad-no-friends" post this is what has happened.

Wednesday afternoon: I lost my phone. Thought I left it at work but when I got there this morning (Thurs. morning) it wasn't there.

Wednesday night: I enjoyed pizza and some excellent shiraz with Josh + two of our friends...who just so happen to seem to want to get together again soon. Who also believe the same things we believe. Who are super fun. Who are really encouraging. Who don't have kids (yet). I don't leave this relationship up to chance...i'm going to be intentional about keeping in touch with them.

Tuesday Lunch: Met up with 5 wonderful ladies from church at the Factory for lunch! Felt encouraged and surrounded by community.

Tuesday after work: Found my phone under the passenger side seat in the car. I had no less than 7 missed calls. 5 voicemails and 12 text messages. 2 of the voicemails were from friends from college. calling unprovoked (at least I don't think they read my blog) just to catch up. And the text messages were from random people about random things: my sister wanting to get a sister tattoo with me, my sis-in-law telling me one of the girls in her class introduced herself to the class and then her fun fact about herself was that she wants to be a vampire...neat. mommy just saying "hi", another friend asking me about a book I recommended a while back, etc., etc. All of these not only made me smile, but made me realize, that even, when I'm alone by myself in my echoey condo and feeling like my throat is going to collapse from crying into my pillow that I am surrounded by people who love me through the tap of a touch screen.

Tuesday night: Chili dinner with with housemates watching football on the boob-tube. nuff said.

I'm going to leave you with some love pictures from this past weekend. (no...not those kind of love pictures...get your head out of the gutter!)

My two loves! (is it okay to lump them into the same category like that?)

These two loves! They are both ridiculously good looking.

So many things i love in this pic. 1. The word speakeasy is in the name. 2. there is an explicit message regarding open time on buckeye game day. 3. so many good memories from this weekend happened at this sketchy, but surprisingly awesome hidden gem of a bar.

Puppy love and food love.

Long lost college friend and red lipstick love.

Fabulous love.
p.s. i'm testing out what I want my "signature" to say. Let me know your thoughts


  1. hey woman. just stopping by to say thank you so much for being part of the Love Bomb team.

    i really appreciate you. stay in touch. :)

    - lauren

  2. Hey. Ma had your blog up on her computer. Want you to know I didn't read your other blogs. Emily and just really want you to put your signature on our ribcage.

    -sincerely and with love

  3. oooo I love the red lipstick! I used to wear red lipstick all the time-- but it always ended up on my teeth... I don't think I am cordinated enough to wear it! Haha! it looks great on you, though!

    Hope you are having a wonderful week, friend!

    Happy Sunday!

  4. You ARE surrounded by people who love you!

    God is definitely good. (First time ever, I think, that I spelled "definitely" right the first time I typed it - no fumbling around with versions.)

    Haha. Josh and Willow = your two loves.

    I like "Cheers". It's.... cheery.