Troubel with Spelling

I've always had a difficult time with spelling. i'm not sure why, but often times I find myself googeling words like aisle, spaghetti, cliche, queue and more as a spell checker. I mean why can I NEVER remember how to spell deffinitely. One F or two? One L or two? I or E argh! I'm not really sure why i'm such a bad speller.

When I was a kid I was always really good at spelling tests, but i honestly think it was just because i was forced to make flash cards and go through them over and over and over again the night before a test. I guess that method doesn't stick long term. Maybe the reason it didn't stick is because I don't have a printed dictionary in my house. (which apparently is a really bad thing I discovered this weekend when my parents went into a state of shock when I told them while we were playing scrabble.) Anyway...praise God for spell check.

Just thought I would throw that out there. Anyone else have words they have difficultly spelling?

So I know that was random, but I really don't have anything else to write. Today was average to say the least. But even in it's averageness, I find myself filled with a giddy heart. I'm so happy that God has blessed me with the amazing story i'm a part of called my life. It's hard not to get overwhelmed with thankfulness from time to time.

For instance, today I was walking out to my car afterwork thinking about work things and all that I had to get done tomorrow that wasn't finished today, and I found myself getting a bit stressed and frustrated at how much needs to be done and then randomly I started smiling about it. I mean, I have a GREAT job!

I am in marketing. I get to be creative. I have a lot of freedom to work at my own pace and take projects by the reigns and run with them. I have a really thoughtful inspirational and wise boss, whom I look up to immensly (emmensly? imensley?! sp??!!). I work 5 mins from my house in a super cool venue/office. I get to be in on the ground level of a really quickly expanding company with lots of room for personal growth within the company. My co-workers are really all very driven and smart, but friendly and down to earth. and last, but not least I get to work from a Mac. a big Mac. ha. What more could you ask for.

me at my desk. you can see the keyboard of my Big Mac. :) photo credit: mom

And my job is not even the most important part of my life. Not really even close, honestly.


Blessings abound.






  1. I look stuff up all the time. But I think it's a generational thing to really CARE about it. I can't stand to find an error in something I write for public consumption. I don't mind reading blogs (or facebook statuses, etc.) that are riddled with spelling errors, but I don't want to write that way myself. Who knows. (however, I'm far more careless with capitalization...)

    I love that you began to smile right in the midst of the stress to see the blessing!

    Big Mac! Haha.

  2. Yay for Macs! And yay for a good job you enjoy!
    P.S. Your hair looks great! Is it lighter? Gorgeous!

  3. Sometimes I look at words and they seem weird to me for some reason, even though I know they are spelled correctly. Do you know what I mean?? And just occasionally, I'm not totally going off my rocker just yet! :)

  4. haha I love this post, I can relate. We just use the internet dictionary when we play scrabble...

  5. Mom - hope you caught on that most of my spelling errors in this one were intentional to be funny.

    Mandy - Thanks! I did get my hair highlighted a few weekends ago. :)

    Sue - just remembered another word that I can never spell - hilarious. I always want to spell it halirious. And the word Road and Lunch always look/sound wrong to me when I say them. haha.