Bike Adventures

The weather has been beyond perfect in Franklin recently. right around 76/80 when I leave in the morning for work with a slight crisp, hint of fall in the air. With this turn of the seasons (and because we were down to one car on Tuesday and Josh's work is considerably further than mine is) I decided to start biking to work. I honestly can't believe I waited this long at my new job to start doing this. The office is a mere 2.5 miles from my house and I always feel a little funny when I drive to work, but I just couldn't justify it in the 105+ heat. However, now it has been bliss.

This is what it looks like.

Clicking my little lock on the chain to free my wheels (and dare I say my inner child?) around 7:45 am... (ahem) ok, ok 7:58 am. 

Hopping on the borrowed blue mountain bike gripping the ribbed handle bars and being acutely aware of my aching palms and "sits" bones as the journey begins. 

avoiding the giant pot-hole that the condo complex refuses to fix i speed out on to Murfreesboro Road. Let me take a min to explain something to you. I have zero grid for biking etiquette. so using that as my crutch, (even though I know you are supposed to ride on the street right next to the cars) I pled ignorant and on Day 1 of my ride I stayed on the sidewalk. I was too scared of the road. 

Day 2 I went halfsies. Half side of the road amongst the ever-present gravel, non-existent shoulder and dangerously close mailboxes on my right and speeding cars on my left. And Half on the sidewalk avoiding pedestrians, sticks, low hanging limbs, more gravel and a really annoying car that's always parked over the public walk area.

Day 3, I went all the way on the road. It wasn't nearly as scary as I thought it would be.

Where was I...

Oh yeah, speeding out on to Murfreesboro Road, I pass the Vandy minute clinic and the fire-station and turn onto Jordan road. Oh Jordan Road, what a beautiful and deceitful little road you are. in a car you look like this: 

On a bike you look like this...minus the beauty.

There are several hills on this road that even though I knew existed because of my brush with death on rollerblades two years ago I somehow managed to block it out of my memory for all time. The first two hills aren't bad. stand up. pedal harder. burn your quads a bit and then coast down. But then there's the 3rd hill...oh 3rd hill. you are my enemy. I didn't have to conquer the 3rd hill on my roller blades in my brush with death two years ago because the 3rd hill is past the church.

This is what it looks like
(thank you pretty blue mustang for making my picture slightly less lame) 

The 3rd hill is about 150 yards long on the ascent and probably only about 20 ft change in elevation, but man does it kick my butt! As I struggle pushing the pedals down, my purse flopping wildly about, sweat beads ruining my work makeup and skinny jeans bunching in places they shouldn't. coming to a snails crawl with only enough momentum to keep the bike from toppling over into traffic about half way up the hill.  it must be a sight to see. sigh. alas. I'm hoping that eventually, I will be able to triumph over you, but for now, you are the victor.

after "the 3rd hill" i'm faced automatically with the next challenge of know how to act on a bike at a traffic light. i opt for potential rudeness and scoot my sweaty little self on up nose to nose with the first car waiting to cross Mack Hatcher. Place the pedals, just so. prep feet for take off...wish i was riding a motorcycle so I could rev my engine wait for it...wait for it...green! GO! 

pedaling as fast as I can to make it across the busy intersection on Liberty Road to find myself coasting and keeping up with traffic in the school speed zone of 15 MPH. This is my favorite part of the trip because there is a lot of "character" one might say. One might also say it's the "ghetto" of Franklin. (if that's even possible.) but, I will stick with "character."

Arriving at work still damp with perspiration, I convince myself i'm "Glistening" instead of sweating like a {INSERT CLEVER SIMILE HERE}. 

A great way to start/end the work day. Not sure I'll be able to keep it up everyday, because I do like to wear a dress from time to time, and bikes aren't conducive to that type of garb. 

Any other women out there biking to work? What do you notice on your rides? Any advice for a novice?


  1. i love this post! makes me want to post about riding bikes around France. you and me Kat (and our bikes) taking the world by storm.

  2. i've always lived too far away (30-min commute by car?!) from anyplace i've ever worked to even dream about biking in. but i've always thought it would be something cool to try! although ... lol ... i probably haul so much stuff around w me everyday that i'd need one of those little baby stroller attachments just to take all my crap with me :D

  3. Way to go! I was lucky enough to walk to work (1.5 mi) every day, but I had sidewalks.

  4. Love that you can do this! Keep it up as long as possible.

    Laughed out loud when I saw the "This is what it looks like in a car" then "This is what it looks like on a bike..." haha

  5. Hi m'lovely,
    I wanted to thank you personally for that beautiful comment you left on my blog.
    I will certainly do my best to not compare myself to others as often.
    I hope that you day is as wonderful as you helped mine become.
    - Rachel

  6. good for you for riding to work! that's awesome. i'm horrible at bike riding, the slightest hill and i'm dying. it's SUCH a good work out.


  7. I adore this.

    Please ride in the winter. And then write about it.