Designed for Glory

You grow up in church and you THINK you know the bible...then in church you hear a sermon with the following revelations and you feel well...just read on.

Revelation #1 - one of the stumbling blocks/signs of a religious person is that they think know all there is to know about the Bible and that they understand the meanings behind the verses (especially the really well known verses like John 3:16, Romans 3:23, etc.)

Revelation #2 - We are designed for the Glory of God. We were made to play a part of revealing the glory of God to people around us. We were created in His image to carry His mark and His glory (not receiving glory, but carrying it as a beacon of light to this world). We were made to be IN His Glory. To be surrounded by God's glory 24/7 as a natural part of our daily lives.

Revelation #3 - Romans 3:23 - the verse I thought I knew inside and out that tells us how sinful we are and how much we need God's grace points to revelation #2. Which then points me to Revelation #1 which then leads me to this...

humility. Thanks for the good message yesterday Pastor Ray.

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  1. Our God is amazing, and it shouldn't surprise us that his words take us deeper and deeper--but it does continue to surprise me!