It's been a delicious weekend so far. Went to Basil on a 50% off groupon and had a great meal. Sushi. Sesame Chicken. Rice. Yum.
Me in my new dress.
I ended up spending all of my camera savings yesterday on this dress (which is a very navy blue baby doll dress with white embrodory around the neck and on the bottom hem) and on another dress at ross. I've decided dresses are my new favorite. I've also decided I can't go anywhere where there is cute clothing while I have my savings in tow. Sometime today or tomorrow I'm going to make a "piggy bank" out of an old almond bucket so I can stash my cash at home and not have it burning a hold in my wallet. I plan to make this old almond bucket pretty awesome and completely Houdini proof so that once the money is in, i will have to tear the bucket to shreds to get to the cash....if it ends up being cute - pictures will be posted....now where was i...oh yeah. basil.
Our waiters arm flashing across the center of the picture.
We LOVED Basil. Josh and I tend to get into eating out ruts. we go to the same places and order the same things over and over again. What can I say, we are creatures of habit. After our risk on the Basil groupon going so well, we decided that we are going to check our daily groupons for 50% off deals at restaurants in the area that we can spend our eat-out fund on. We will try new places AND eat at really low prices! :)

After eating we met up with friends for a bowling competition! New and old friends alike braved the stinky shoes and the neon painted city skylines at the end of each lane for some catching up and competition. Two of my favorite things.Turns out Josh is a really good bowler. Everyone was shocked when he got a Turkey (3 strikes in a row) But, I was not surprised. I think frisbee is a similar motion/muscle used and since he is pretty much a pro at frisbee, i knew he would be good a bowling. Plus, he is my hubby. and he's awesome. I think one of the games he had a 155!!
I had a rougher go at it...i'm not even going to say what my score was but it may or may not have rhymed with schmixty-sleven. My competitive edge kept rising up threatening to ruin my evening, but i brushed it off like a pro...one might say that bowling is 95% mental and I dominated that 95% and took this picture!
Cutie cute!

Saturday morning consisted of rich red tomatoes the size of praying fists, bright yellow squash, pink russet potatoes, sweet cream corn on the cob, deep purple egg plant
Twangy bluegrass played by these guys
while little girls in pig tails twirled with their daddy and begged to pet willow. Giant sun flowers walking around in bouquets surrounded by color.
Willow choking herself on her collar trying to get to every last crumb possible.
And ending with a purchase of five of these juicy sweet deliciously golden peaches.
Ah...the farmers market. Happy weekending.


  1. • love the dress - very cute
    • waiting to see the almond bucket / piggy bank decorated
    • haven't used a groupon yet - but I look at them daily
    • not surprising to me that Josh would be a good bowler
    • schmixty-sleven hahaha
    • sunflowers = my new favorite. Aunt Kathy and Uncle Dale brought Emily some after her surgery - they look great with the new kitchen wall color!
    • glad you are enjoying life!!

  2. Love your blog :) Your life sounds really fun!