The One Where I Panic and Act Irrationally when Something Goes Wrong

So apparently, somewhere along the way I've migrated from a capable, competent, take-charge kind of girl to one who turns on her flashers and calls 3 people when the car stops running randomly on the road.

On the way home from work, in the 1,000,001,1909824 degree heat my car just stopped running. The first thing the popped into my head was - well...guess the Saturn finally kicked the bucket. Marilyn (the car) couldn't hold her own in the scorching, mountainous back-hills of TN...and by back-hills I mean suburbia. and by scorching I mean...well...beeping hot.

After a couple of feeble attempts to try and restart the car I called Josh and in a panic said "the car broke down! The "service engine soon light" came on and it just completely shut off! I'm sitting in the middle of the road with my flashers on!! What should I do?!?!?!!!!"

The hubbies calmly said "Well, push it off to the side of the road and call Cynthia to come pick you up. I'll take a look at it when I get out to franklin."

"Oh. Ok. Gotta go, someone's coming to help me push the car"

After the nice strangers helped push Marilyn into a nearby school entrance right next to a "no parking" sign I called Cynthia. "Can you come pick me up...the car completely shut down on the way home from work...i don't know what to do..."

"Sure, where are you."

"Off liberty pike, pulled into the elementary school entrance. turn right on Mack Hatcher, then Left on Liberty. You can't miss me. Bring John Paul...we are going to need to push the car."

"cool. be there soon."

30 seconds pass...I start to panic about getting a parking ticket and attempt to push my car, by myself, up the hill, out of the no parking zone. no dice. actually rolled back down into the more dangerous, right-at-the-corner-of-the-turn zone.

Call Josh..."Babe, where are you? It's hot. I'm afraid i'm going to get a parking ticket if I leave the car here till you get home..."

"I'm 5 mins further down the road than I was when you talked to me last time"

"Oh ok...Cynthia is calling. Gotta go." Click over - "Hello"

"Hey, did you say turn left on Mack Hatcher - no right on Mack Hatcher and left on Liberty..."

"Shoot...uh...be there in a min. Gotta turn around"

Hang up the phone
Sit in my car.
Try and start it again.
Look at the gas gage.
realize Marilyn is on "E"
Realize there's a gas station about 15 feet away.
Feel dumb.
Call Josh.
Call Cynthia.

Moral of the story - next time something happens I'm going to try about 2% harder to figure it out on my own before sounding the alarm to everyone within 3 miles of me. I'm an intelligent person. I can handle things like that on my own. Sheesh.

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  1. I L-O-V-E that you had THREE (3) people, who within mere seconds were on the way to your rescue. Do you know how blessed you are?! And I dare say, there were several others (perhaps a dozen) you could have called if the THREE (3) could not have come. Blessed.

    Now. That said. hahahahahaha

    I love you.