This weekend was beautiful and completely unplanned. I was kicking myself all weekend because I didn't bring my camera to any of it...Let's pretend I did...

The spontaneity started on Friday around 2 pm when we received an e-mail from some friends that we have been wanting to hang out with to see if we wanted to go listen to some live music at a local brewery here in Franklin. We totally ditched our plans of going to costco and watching a movie at home (very 75 of us...i know) to hang with our new friends! It was so worth it!

Not only did we hear some great blues music by a man with the lowest voice i've ever heard in person, but we also got to witness him step away from the microphone and captivate an entire bar singing the sweet familiar tune "Amazing Grace" a cappella. His pipes hushed the crowd into awe. If he wasn't a large black man I would have sworn it was my Grandpapa. Then he started directing a bunch of half-buzzed-friday-night-partiers into singing a chorus with him. Strangely filled with the presence. Only in the south..."CLICK" (that's my camera taking a picture of the "choir" off the balcony at the pub).

That same night, we really had a great time chatting with our new friends till midnight over frosty IPA's and hefewiezen. I can tell Brian and Anita are good ones. "CLICK" (Picture of all of us "cheersing" and laughing heartily).

Saturday morning Josh and I had grand plans to wake up early and go on a hike...instead we slept till 10. "CLICK" (Picture of josh and I tangled in our new $15 sheets with willow nestled between us... probably licking Josh's arm trying to wake him up)

After finally peeling our eyelids back we seriously considered not leaving the bed at all. Then we thought about only leaving bed to go see the new movie Inception (Had to be part of the "in" crowd and mention that movie in my blog this week). Common sense (and our quickly growing behinds) got the better of us and we decided we should get the blood flowing and our reward would be watching a matinee of the new-all-the-rage film.

By noon we had purchased our 4:55pm tix to Inception and made it up to Radnor Lake ready for a hike. New friends Brian and Anita decided that since were didn't get up early for our hike that they would join us and while we waited for them at the Lake I discovered what might be the cutest thing ever - baby sparrows. 5 of them to be exact. Just sitting up in their little nest heads bobbing back and forth. stretching tiny wings wide. screeching and pushing each other out of the way for their chance at some chewed up snack from mom. "CLICK" (picture of 5 fluffy heads and big round glassy eyes peering out of the edge of their home)

B&A showed up. We decided on the "Strenuous" hike that was 1.9 miles long. The next 1 hr and 15 mins were so refreshing! Learning more about our new friends. Breathing in the thick muggy, TN air. Laughing at the "No Running" signs. (TN = one of the most overweight states. parks are few and far between and at one of the only parks in the area, they don't allow running...what's wrong with this picture? "CLICK" (picture of the sign)) Brian and Anita thought that was hilarious considering they are from Colorado. (Colorado = the healthiest state in the country where trails/trail running abounds.)

At one point Josh was startled by a little deer...it was really funny. "CLICK" (Picture of 6' 5" Josh with look of horror on his face) "CLICK" (Picture of the sweetest most innocent looking little Bambi chewing on a leaf)

On the way home from the hike, we had a call from our dear (not deer) friends, the Choates inviting us over for dinner. YES!

After a quick shower at home, a stop by Hobby Lobby to get some frames that we have been meaning to get for about 9.5 years and (ignoring our behinds) picking up candy and soda at wallgreens we then met Cynthia and JP at the theatre for "Inception". The movie was thoroughly enjoyed by all "CLICK" (Picture of Cynthia, JP, Josh, and Me giving two thumbs up next to an INCEPTION poster).

After the movie we were on our way to the Choates for a delicious time of food and more friends (praise God for community!). Kabobs, rice, and beans followed by creamy ice cream topped with grilled pineapple, grilled bananas, and chocolate syrup (yummy!) CLICK (Picture of Kelly flipping Kabobs on their really awesome table grill thing).

Sunday - since this post is getting long i'm going to shorten it. Church - great worship, great sermon, followed by some chinese chicken salad and crusty bread shared with MORE friends (mike and mike!) then, since we had so many boys at our house, a spontaneous rearranging of the living room was in order. Gustin came up with the final layout. "CLICK" I think it really brings more light and conversation into the room. Don't you love it? I'm inspired to redecorate! If anyone has any Red/Yellow/or really any round rug they want to donate please e-mail me!

Embrace spontaneity this week. "CLICK" (picture of me passing out cause I'm exhausted.)


  1. i just love you. keep writing please.

  2. kat, this is one of the best blogs i've read in a long time! i loved the all the snapshots! love you!

  3. adorable post.

    next time: real pictures.

    Love you.

    P.S. "lumpator" weird word verification