Pure Poetry

I'm inspired. This morning as part of our anniversary week of fun, Josh and I attended a poetry writing class. Actually we woke up late, threw on some clothes, did our pre-class assignment in the car on the way over, stopped at Panera for coffee even though the clock was ticking away
When we pulled up to the library i felt that "late-for-class-barely-did-the-assignment-hope-the-teacher-doesn't-yell-at-me" drop in my stomach.

Upon entering the quite-mouse library Josh and I peeked threw the window of what was surely the poetry class...filled with old ladies, one 9 year old and a 20 something sporting an artsy hat, 10 mins deep in conversation. But, since there was a giant video camera at the back of the room tracking every flinch, twitch, creek of a door, and late-comer, we thought we would ask the front desk to be sure. While waiting for help, I swear we almost ditched...we almost ran out of the library with our late-tails between our legs. Everyone esle in there clearly took it much more seriously that we did...including the 8 year old...or was it 9?

Once our fears were confirmed at the front desk we took the plunge into the class of 70 year old women literally tip-toeing into the seats at the back so we didn't make a commotion for the giant tri-pod-camera. I'm so glad we did. It was fabulous. The woman teaching the class I swear stepped out of the dictionary under the word "poet." We learned about diction, metaphors, alliteration, rhyme, and rhythm. I learned that a good poem, just like any other good piece of fine art, is one that a person gets lost in, not necessarily one that follows form. You aren't distracted by a good poems words or phrasing, but rather sucked into the world the words created without noticing it even happened...without being "punched," as the oldest women in the class wearing a green and white stripped dress, cotton ball hair, and brown hospital shoes stated. She seemed like she knew what she was talking about. I believe her.

Afterwards, josh and I got all syked and checked out approximately 38,203,172 books on poetry from the library

Ok, Ok...it was only like 11. One of Josh's choices....
In case you can't read that it's titled "Poetry for Guys who Thought they Hated Poetry". He is so cute.

After that we ventured to the magical place where dreams come true....also known as Target for a new pair of sun glasses. I caved and bought the same pair of glasses I bought at the beginning of the summer that broke already. They work for me. Even though they are cheap, frail, and poorly made. I rock them out. As an added bonus I got 4 pairs of 4th of July socks from the dollar aisle only they were...get this...75% off! Can we say Quarter Socks anyone?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!

We then frequented Bed Bath and Beyond in search of the ever elusive California King blanket...hopefully in green. Scouring the shelves and pushing Queen/Full/King bags aside...we found one. It was $179. No amount of 20% off coupons can justify that for me. We promptly left empty handed....headed to Ross's which landed us with this....

YES! One green blanket, a pair of Cal King sheets, 3 purple pillows, a phenomenal swirly green pillow, and a cute domestic apron later we left Ross for a fraction of the BB&B blanket cost.

Oh and we ate at my increasingly favorite restaurant for lunch.
The Greek Cafe. I have a feeling i'm going to end up being a regular at this place. I need to be careful because I can't leave there without getting a baklava.

Last but not least...i won two games in a row of Clue tonight. Double Yesss!

I'm on the worship team tomorrow morning. We are singing "Here is Love" one of my favorite songs of all time. I tried to find a sample of it online, but I can't. So you should just buy it on iTunes. Here is Love by Bethel Live. You can buy the whole album or just the song. It will rock your world. I'm telling you. just buy it. now. Anyway....It's been a while since we have been at church and my heart is expectant for tomorrow.


  1. LOVE the throw pillows, I need them for my bed here. So next time when you come you can bring them to me. You will be tired of them by then, lol. aunt debby

  2. Loved reading this. So fun. I love you.

  3. I wish I could say that your victory in clue was a fluke, but you won twice. Still scratching my head.

  4. I love this entry. I'm so glad you are blogging.