Our Day

Long weird post warning...this is for me...and for Josh.

Wedding Day
A rush of excitement rather than the usual haze as my alarm buzzed
Waking surrounded by friends and family
Spending some much needed one on one time as we ran last minute err
ands the morning of.
The buzz of energy in our house as 11 women primped, curled, brushed, applied, spritzed, clasped, tied and more in anticipation for our special day
Slipping into my wedding gown while my some of the dearest people to me criss-crossed the corset with speed.
a gasp.
a silence.
a rushing for the tide-to-go pen
a sigh of relief as the blood stain on my perfect white gown from a torn hang nail is repaired
Checking off the something old and something borrowed as I placed my Mam-Mam's engagement ring on my right finger.
Applying the lip stick and one final look in the mirror for my first meeting with Josh
the look on his face when he opened the door. Surprise. Happiness. Joy.
The sweet gentle hug from his big manly arms. Careful not to mess up the hours of preparation spent for this moment
a kiss.
a gaze into his eyes.
a snapping of the camera lens over and over.
Hustling for posed pictures with every combination of family, friends, bridesmaids, sisters, in-laws, ushers, groomsman that you can imagine
the brilliant hot sun changing our plans and forcing us inside for pictures
cheering OH-IO and ILL-INI back and forth with the bridal party creating some of the best pictures of the day.
Trying to decipher how to sign and what to do with the marriage license
keeping my cool.
until i'm alone in the back hall.
waiting for my dad.
hearing the processional music start.
Peaking through the crack in the side door to see if I can see what cherished friends arrived to celebrate us.
Papa telling me he get's 40 feet left with me and making me cry.
Beginning the march.
Seeing my Beloved's ear to ear grin as I stride.
looking for familiar eyes in the flood of faces surrounding me.
feeling special to the one-millionth degree.
feeling love.
Stopping at the end of aisle.
Papa "forgetting" his line.
Making up for it and then lifting my veil to kiss my cheek.
Taking josh's huge hand and not being able to stop smiling or laughing or loving. Deeply loving.
Feeling so happy that Josh's sister invited the Holy Spirit to our wedding.
Not really comprehending the words of wisdom and prophecy Andrea spoke over our lives but very thankful for the videographer - sis-in-law jo-jo.
Knowing that everyone that ever mattered to me gathered around to fill that Friday evening with jubilation.
Feeling relief and happiness when we exited the sanctuary. Kissing Josh in the lobby before anyone else came out.
Embracing bridal party
Ducking under glittering sparkers and jumping in the convertible.
Realizing how thirsty we both were and rushing directly to a Wendy's for a drink and realizing we didn't have any money with us.
Going through the drive through and telling them we just got married and were thirsty.
Strangers jumping out of their cars snapping pictures of us at every red light.
The Party. Oh the party.
It was as if someone bottled all the merriment in the world and poured it out on that cozy venue decorated with white lights.
The 4 tier pound-cake with yellow roses in between each layer.
Pressing too hard to cut the "cake" that really ended up being the card board layer holding the cake together.
Finally softly feeding one another a piece of bliss in the form of a 4-tier-pound-cake with cream cheese icing.
dancing with my head resting comfortably on his tall broad shoulders to Fields of Gold.
Feeling safe.
Laughing...a lot.
Aaron catching the garter.
The dollar dance.
My dad full of happiness like i've never seen before.
Uncle Dale being the best MC ever.
Everyone.dancing....till we couldn't stand it any more.
Uncle Paul and Aunt eileen winning the longest married couple dance.
Hugging my mama good by realizing that it went by WAY to fast.
My dad following us out to the car and shouting "Take Care of Yourself" after us as we drove away into the dark in the EPHEZ mobile.
and knowing that I get to spend the rest. of. my. life. with the most caring, gentle, thoughtful, kind, loving, compassionate, smart, strong, handsome, passionate, red-headed man in the world.


  1. I love you sooo much honey! You are wonderful.

  2. I know this was for Josh - but I really enjoyed reliving it with you, too. It was an especially lovely day.